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All You Need to Know About Inspirational Motivation in the UK

9th July 2024

Motivational speaking is on the rise in the UK. But how many of these sessions are successful enough?

Let’s explore all the things you need to know before hiring your next inspirational motivational speaker!

Understanding Inspirational Motivational 

Inspirational motivation, as the name suggests, is about inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential – and always having that spirit to go beyond expectations. It is about inspiring people by setting positive examples, fostering enthusiasm, and creating a shared vision of success. But doing so isn’t as easy as it sounds. Only a handful of people have the skills, personality, and charisma to push people to travel those extra miles. And that is a reason why not everyone has what it takes to be a successful inspirational motivational speaker. 

Inspirational leaders often use their words, actions, and attitudes to ignite passion and determination in others. Doing so requires a series of personal and professional skills, experience of life-changing moments, and extraordinary courage to face the atrocities of life. Such people can connect with the audience as they understand how it feels when thing’s are not on your side – so their motivation comes from a place of empathy and understanding. 

You will find inspirational motivational speakers building on a clear and compelling vision to foster a sense of integrity and trust, instead of just fancy stories of how you can change your life in a day. Motivational speaking in the UK isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as the audience is well-informed. Fancy stories and Googled quotes won’t cut it in the UK. Therefore, if you have an upcoming event, look for some of the best talent management agencies in the UK to hire inspirational speakers that will make your event a success.

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What Does a Good Motivational Speaking Session Look Like?

A good motivational speaker provides support, and empowers people to believe in themselves and their abilities. With encouragement, guidance, and inspiration, inspirational motivational speakers help people overcome challenges, stay focused, and strive for excellence. Inspirational motivational speakers in the UK allow people to see beyond their limitations – and take control of their mindset that may sometimes confine their creativity and skills.

One of the key determinants of an amazing motivational speaking is the speaker’s ability to boost morale, build confidence, and drive people towards success. Inspirational motivation is about fostering a sense of purpose, passion, and determination that guides people when things seem grey. The goal is to give people the courage to fight back in times of adversity.

Characteristics to Look for When Hiring UK Motivational Speakers 

With an educated and diverse audience like that of the UK, the quality of inspirational motivation has to be top-notch for such sessions to leave a mark. Since motivational speaking on podcasts and YouTube is becoming the new cool, some people think it’s an easy route to success. However, only a few people have what it takes to inspire people. 

Motivating an adult audience requires certain characteristics , some of which are listed below: 

  • Storytelling

A successful inspirational motivational speaker must resonate with the audience. Great motivational speakers use storytelling to demonstrate their emotions and advice and connect with the audience on a deeper level. When looking for a UK inspirational motivational speaker, you can view their previous motivational sessions and evaluate their storytelling skills to ensure that your audience will enjoy the event.

  • Passion & Enthusiasm

Trust us when we say this, the speaker’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious. The audience will instantly pick on the vibe if the enthusiasm is genuine. Successful motivational speakers demonstrate passion to be better, solve problems, and not get disappointed by the roadblocks that come their way. At Kruger Cowne, we are always on the lookout for such speakers to onboard. 

Remember that your goal shouldn’t be to have a good event only, but a great motivational session where the audience has a lot to take away after the event ends.

Wondering who is on the list of best inspirational motivational speakers in the UK?

  • Knowledge & Expertise

Credibility is key for a successful inspirational motivational speaker. Your speaker should have a good understanding of the subject but that’s not enough. Everything the speaker claims should be backed by evidence, experience, or examples. If not, it will look like just a bunch of fluff words failing to create any impact on the audience. 

  • Audience Engagement

Motivational speaking sessions should always be two-way communication. The best speakers keep the audience engaged through frequent interaction with the audience. Successful motivational speaking sessions require a non-speech approach, interacting with the audience, and making constant efforts to keep the listeners actively engaged. You wouldn’t want your audience yawning during the session. 

Let our experts find motivational speakers with these skills for your next session.

How to Hire Expert Inspirational Motivational Speakers in the UK?


  • Identify Your Requirements 

Before anything else, identify the requirements of your event. Start with answering a simple question. What do I want out of the motivational session? Once you have that sorted, identify your audience. For example, your event could be catering C-level executives, Gen Z, college students, or a combo of these. This will help in hiring the right motivational speakers. 

  • Explore Your Network

If you don’t want to jump to a talent management agency right away, explore your network to look for inspirational motivational speakers. Especially if your event topic and theme is diverse, you may find a good fit within your network. And if we forgot to mention this before, you do not always need an experienced speaker. Sometimes raw talent can be a game changer. 

  • Rely on Talent Management Agencies

One of the best ways to find amazing motivational speakers to inspire the audience is to take help from a reliable talent management agency. This will not only save you time and efforts but also get you the best possible deals. Who knows you might get a great duo of inspirational speakers. 

Hire UK Motivational Speakers via Kruger Cowne

Finding the right motivational speakers for your event is one of the most challenging tasks. If a speaker fails to truly inspire the audience, your event will be a big miss as it will fail to meet the audience’s expectations. If you are struggling to find the right panel of motivational speakers for an upcoming event in the UK, hire consultations at Kruger Cowne. 

As a leading talent management agency with some of the most iconic people from across the globe, our team will help you select and onboard exceptional motivational speakers.

Our service goes does not stop at hiring motivational speakers for you. We offer additional resources to help you maximize the speaker’s impact with pre and post-event marketing materials that can be leveraged for brand building and for future events as well. We want to help you make a lasting impact with your next motivational speaking session!

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