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Find the Best Keynote Speakers in UK: Comprehensive Guide

1st July 2024

Choosing the best keynote speakers in today’s hectic environment might make all the difference to your event. The ideal keynote speaker can enthral, inspire and educate your audience at a conference, business function, or special event you’re planning.

This comprehensive guide, which includes prominent figures like Bear Grylls, Sir Bob Geldof, Elle Macpherson, Jamie Oliver, and Steven Bartlett, will help you comprehend what a keynote speaker is, how to find one and showcase some of the best speakers for events in the UK.

Selecting a keynote speaker who will inspire and engage your audience can ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression.


What is a Keynote Speaker?

The main speaker of an event, known as the keynote speaker, is accountable for setting the general tone and summarising the primary message or revelation of the entire event.

They are experts in the field who are picked for their capacity to interact with the audience and speak effectively.

It’s not enough to find a speaker for your event who can pass the time; you also need to find a vibrant person who can provide inspiration, value and insightful comments.

An appropriate keynote speaker can enthral the crowd, encourage a deeper comprehension of the event’s themes, and make a lasting impression on guests.


How to Find the Best Keynote Speakers

Finding the best keynote speakers needs excellent planning and thought. The following steps will help you in your search:


  • Define Your Goals: 

Understand the objective of the occasion and the message you wish to share. This crucial stage will assist you in determining the kind of keynote speaker that can best suit your needs while ensuring a speaker that precisely complements the goals of your event.


  • Research Potential Speakers: 

Seek out speakers with a successful track record and outstanding reviews. Consider their expertise, speaking style, and relevance to the theme of your event to ensure they fit well with your specific goals and your audience’s expectations.


  • Check Availability and Budget: 

Ensure that the speaker is affordable and available for your event date. Hiring some prominent speakers for events may be costly, but their impact is well worth it.


  • Review Past Performances: 

Watch videos of their previous speeches to assess the effect and level of participation. This thorough assessment will give you vital details about their performance style and help you determine how well they might connect with the audience at your event.


  • Seek Recommendations: 

Speak to others in the field or use speaker bureaus to obtain referrals. Personal suggestions and endorsements help locate the ideal keynote speaker to match your event’s theme and target audience.

Need an unforgettable event? A great keynote speaker can make all the difference.

Top Keynote Speakers in the UK

Let’s now take a look at some of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the UK:


  • Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is Known for his resilience, resourcefulness, and adventurous spirit, which has made him one of the best keynote speakers around the Globe.

This specialist, an ex-SAS serviceman, honorary lieutenant-colonel, and survival instructor, Grylls, provides the audience with vast knowledge from his varied experiences.

His captivating storyteller skills, practical survival skills, and ability to address themes such as leadership, resilience, and teamwork make him the ideal fit for an event that addresses these areas.

Through his ability to move and encourage, Grylls emerges as an individual of choice for any personal or professional event.


  • Sir Bob Geldof

The next speaker, Sir Bob Geldof, one of the most widespread music industry personalities and humanitarian activists, is the last one among the keynote speakers. 

He became iconic primarily because of his involvement with Live Aid and Live 8, which inspired millions worldwide and raised substantial funds for world causes.

Geldof’s speech is full of motivational and encouraging words and stories about his personal experiences that can teach us a lot. These events are incredibly successful when focusing on social change, philanthropy, and activism. 

At these events, his passionate delivery, stories, and infectious spirit arouse greater involvement and promote an action that can bring actual change.


  • Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson, also known as “The Body” due to her modelling career, is a fashion icon and a brilliant entrepreneur.

As a keynote speaker, Macpherson highlights her views on business, health, and overall well-being. From supermodel to businesswoman, her path is a case study that teaches brand development, self-growth, and balancing.

She highlighted the significance of resilience and adaptability, making her an excellent choice for corporate events, women’s leadership conferences, and other personal and professional development conferences.


  • Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, a revered chef, restaurateur, and TV personality, is an inspiring keynote speaker whose essential message is based on his belief in good food and education.

He is widely acknowledged for his advocacy, among which his efforts in improving school food and nutrition are indelible.

He speaks at events focused on health, education, and social responsibility and stirs the audience with his strong commitment to influencing change.

Oliver plays a crucial role in making any event a success. His contribution, which is in sync with the themes of self-improvement and self-empowerment, is incredible.


  • Steven Bartlett


Steven Bartlett, a young but quite energetic and talented entrepreneur and founder of Social Chain, one of the best social media marketing agencies, is among the youngest keynote speakers in the business ecosystem.

Bartlett is an entrepreneur, digital marketing expert and innovator. His opinion is prevalent among the audience.

In addition to being an excellent storyteller, his practical advice makes him a fantastic speaker for technology conferences, entrepreneurship forums, and business innovation events.

As a celebrated personality, Bartlett captures spectators with his original ideas and practical strategies for leading a prosperous life.


The Impact of a Great Keynote Speaker


Appointing the right keynote speaker for your event can greatly enhance it. A successful keynote speaker must offer the necessary content, motivate the listeners, and do more, thus heightening their participation and engagement.

They are the ones whose sole responsibility is to set the event’s ambience, focus on the most essential message, and leave an impression of the event in attendees’ minds.

Great speakers enhance the experience by offering charm and professionalism, from delivering critical talks to the venue. They make sure your event stands out.

Consequently, selecting the right keynote speaker is crucial and cannot be supervised as it is the only way to achieve the productive results you want for your event.

Want your event to shine? A great keynote speaker can engage and inspire.

Final Thoughts!

To sum up, finding the most incredible keynote speaker in the UK requires knowing the definition of a keynote speaker, being an expert at finding a speaker, and finding an individual who aligns with your event’s goals.

You can guarantee that your event will have an extensive effect on attendees by carefully selecting top speakers for events like Bear Grylls, Sir Bob Geldof, Elle Macpherson, Jamie Oliver, and Steven Bartlett.

Understand at all times that the right keynote speaker can take your event from ordinary to spectacular, leaving your audience feeling motivated and inspired long after the main event is over.




How to find a good keynote speaker?

Here are five methods to help you find outstanding speakers for your events:


  • Look for suggestions in forums and communities dedicated to your industry.
  • Use speaker bureaus for professionals to access a wide range of talent.
  • Go to conferences and other events to observe possible speakers in action.
  • Use social media channels to establish connections with thought leaders and influencers.
  • Think about reaching out to any nearby universities or organisations that promote future speakers.


How much do keynote speakers charge the UK?

According to industry surveys, the average price range for a keynote speaker in the UK is between £2,000 and £5,000 for a 40—to 60-minute speech. However, fees could vary significantly based on the demand and quality of a particular speaker.


What is the difference between a speaker and a keynote speaker?

The guest speaker will discuss specific issues in more detail over the following sessions, while the keynote speakers establish the main topic and create the tone. 

In another manner, the guest speaker serves as a supporting cast member, whereas the keynote speaker is the event’s primary focus (or star).


How long should a keynote speaker speak?

More than 20 minutes is often not ideal. Instead, plan a 45–60 minute keynote speech. To get the most out of the Speaker’s involvement, remember to ask whether there is any way to extend this.

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