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Kruger Cowne Spotlights Shivvy Jervis as Speaker of the Week

12th June 2024

In the dynamic world of keynote speakers and transformative business insights, the spotlight often shines on individuals who predict the future and help shape it. This week, Kruger Cowne, a highly regarded talent management agency and leading speaker bureau in the UK, is proud to feature Shivvy Jervis as its Speaker of the Week. 

With an exceptional ability to demystify complex technological trends and present them easily, Jervis stands out as a beacon for futurist thinkers and innovation enthusiasts. Her engagements as a speaker are not just events; they are immersive experiences that leave audiences inspired and more informed about the digital landscape and its implications for the future of business and society at large.

The forthcoming sections of this article delve into who Shivvy Jervis is, highlighting her background, expertise, and the unique insights she brings to her audiences across the globe. 

Readers will be introduced to the keynote themes and topics she passionately explores, her considerable impact and influence in the technology and business realms, and the compelling reasons why event organisers and companies seeking to book speakers in London and beyond should consider Shivvy Jervis a top choice. 

By aligning with a reputed speaker bureau like Kruger Cowne, which is recognised among the best talent management agencies in the UK, event planners have direct access to a roster of futurist speakers and business visionaries like Jervis, ensuring their next corporate event or conference is both enlightening and memorable.

Who is Shivvy Jervis?

Shivvy Jervis, a Human Potential Futurist, has guided technology, science, psychology, and sociology. Born and raised in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, Jervis was already reporting on new technologies as a teenager

In her early career, she accumulated hundreds of hours of broadcasting for prominent networks like CNN Asia, Reuters, and the Discovery Channel, making ‘tech-for-good’ advances accessible to millions.

Career Milestones

Jervis’s career trajectory significantly changed when the world’s third-largest telecommunications company headhunted her to manage digital content. This role was akin to running a newsroom and led her to create impactful video series such as ‘Digital Futures’ and ‘The Trailblazers. 

In 2017, driven by a desire to innovate independently, Jervis founded FutureScape 248, a forecasting lab and advisory firm, which has seen triple growth and led her to provide insights and keynotes for over 85 organisations.

Recognition and Awards

Jervis’s contributions have been widely recognised and have received numerous accolades. For her influence in driving positive societal shifts, she has been honoured as a Champion of Change and named one of Britain’s Women of the Year. 

Her work has earned her the Asian Woman of Achievement Award and nominations for the Positive Impact Award, which celebrates her as a trailblazer and role model, especially for women of colour in technology and business.

Keynote Themes and Topics

Shivvy Jervis - Kruger Cowne - Croatia Supercharge
Shivvy Jervis at Croatia Supercharge – 2024

Incredible Innovations Shaping Industries

In her keynote, Shivvy Jervis explores groundbreaking technological advancements, focusing on AI and Web 3.0 as pivotal forces driving industry evolution. Her insights help businesses understand how to leverage these technologies for growth and innovation.

The Science Behind Series

In her engaging series, Jervis delves into the neuroscience of motivation, stress, and change. She provides practical applications of these scientific principles to enhance workplace productivity and personal well-being.

The Future Is Human

Jervis emphasises the human aspect of future technological developments. Her discussions cover the anticipated shifts in jobs, skills, and mindsets essential for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Deep Dive into AI and Metaverse

This segment offers a detailed analysis of the Metaverse and AI’s role within it. Jervis explains the potential of augmented reality and its applications in e-commerce, highlighting its significant commercial opportunities. 

She also addresses the importance of adaptive AI, which tailors digital interactions to human needs, potentially saving organisations significant resources.

Shivvy Jervis’ Impact and Influence

Humanizing Digital Innovations

Shivvy Jervis has been instrumental in making complex digital concepts accessible and understandable, emphasising the human element in technology. Her initiatives, like FutureScape 248, project significant impacts of digital technologies on our work and life without resorting to jargon or wild claims.

Advocacy for Tech-for-Good

Known for her advocacy for ‘tech-for-good’, Shivvy has been a vocal proponent of using digital advancements to enhance human life. Her work ensures that innovations fulfil our fundamental needs for social connection, safety, and growth, thus advocating for digital solutions that prioritise human welfare.

Inspiring Future Generations

By championing the cause of women of colour in technology and business, Shivvy Jervis has paved the way for future generations. Her efforts reflect a commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good, embodying the spirit of innovation and resilience.

Why Choose Shivvy Jervis as a Speaker?

Expertise and Credibility

Shivvy Jervis is renowned as Europe’s most booked female business forecaster. With a two-decade track record of championing tech for good, her forecasting lab, FutureScape 248, is at the forefront of uncovering significant digital, scientific, and neuroscience breakthroughs, making her one of the world’s most trusted voices in forecasting. 

The World Economic Forum and TED Talks have acknowledged her unique ability to demystify complex topics in a human-centred manner.

Engaging Presentation Style

Jervis’s presentations are designed to be jargon-free, focusing on human-centred innovations and realistic use cases. Her style is not only accessible and energetic but also personal, sharing first-hand anecdotes that leave her audience both educated and inspired. 

Whether headlining virtual events or live keynotes, her engaging delivery and expert hosting of high-level panels ensure that every session is memorable.

Proven Track Record

Shivvy Jervis has a solid history of engaging with top-tier organisations like Microsoft, the United Nations, and the UK Government’s digital division. Her insights have guided over 200 organisations, helping them to navigate future trends and innovations. 

Her impactful presentations at significant forums, including TED Talks and the World Economic Forum, consistently receive high acclaim, further cementing her status as a leading voice in tech and innovation.

Shivvy Jervis’ unique perspective, grounded in an extensive background that bridges technology, science, and human potential, offers invaluable insights into the evolving digital landscape. Her ability to humanise technological advancements positions her as an indispensable resource for organisations aiming to navigate the future with foresight and confidence.


As we reflect on Shivvy Jervis’s significant impact and influence, her role as a pioneer in advocating for tech-for-good and her commitment to shaping a future where technology enhances human life become ever more apparent. 

The broader implications of her work underscore the importance of integrating ethical considerations and human values into the fabric of digital innovation. For those seeking to inspire and educate their audiences on the transformative power of technology with a human touch, the opportunity to book Shivvy Jervis for your event at Kruger Cowne represents a step towards realising that vision. 

Her contributions are not just a beacon for present-day innovations but a guiding light for the generations that will navigate the digital frontiers of tomorrow. 

You can now book Shivvy Jervis exclusively at Kruger Cowne.

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