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Meet Elle Macpherson: Kruger Cowne’s Speaker of the Week

18th June 2024

Elle Macpherson hailed as one of the most iconic supermodels of her time, has transcended the confines of the runway to establish herself as a formidable entrepreneur and an impactful public speaker.

As she steps onto a different kind of stage, her journey from the high-fashion world to the boardrooms and speaker events curated by leading speaker bureaus highlights her versatility and enduring influence. 

Personifying elegance, resilience, and acumen, Macpherson’s narrative is a testament to her multifaceted career and personal growth. This remarkable transition underscores her adaptability and sets a precedent for professionals across industries aspiring to diversify their portfolios.

Through the lens of her illustrious career, this article explores Macpherson’s early life and entry into the modelling world, her triumphs on the global stage, and her visionary entrepreneurial ventures

It delves into her contributions as a speaker, where she shares insights from her journey with audiences facilitated by top UK speaker agencies. Additionally, it sheds light on her philanthropic efforts and how to book her for speaking engagements through a speaker agency. 

This roadmap expects to provide a comprehensive understanding of Elle Macpherson’s impact beyond the catwalk, marking her as a speaker of the week for the renowned London speaker bureau – Kruger Cowne.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Elle Macpherson was born Eleanor Nancy Gow on March 29, 1964, in Killara, New South Wales. The daughter of entrepreneur and sound engineer Peter Gow and Frances Gow, a nurse, she grew up in East Lindfield, a suburb on Sydney’s North Shore. Elle attended Killara High School, completing her Higher School Certificate in 1981 and briefly studied law at the University of Sydney.

Before university, she travelled to the United States for a year to model, aiming to earn money for her law books. This trip marked the beginning of her modelling career in 1982, initially captured by a television commercial for Tab, which popularised her as a “girl next door” in Australia. 

Elle Macpherson | Naomi Campbell
Elle Macpherson pictured alongside Naomi Campbell

Her career took a significant turn when she was discovered by a modelling scout while on holiday in Aspen, leading to her decision to leave university and pursue modelling full-time. This choice catapulted her into the limelight alongside top names like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

Achievements in Modeling

Elle Macpherson, renowned as “The Body,” has made significant strides beyond her initial fame. She marked a celebrated return to the runway after a decade at the Melbourne Fashion Festival. 

This event highlighted her enduring charm and her support for emerging Australian designers, aligning with her commitment to nurturing talent back home. Her illustrious career in the 1980s and 1990s saw her grace the covers of major magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Sports Illustrated, where she appeared five times, cementing her status as a global icon. 

Furthermore, Macpherson’s runway appearances spanned prestigious brands from Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior, showcasing her versatility and appeal across fashion capitals. Her influence extended into significant campaigns, notably for high-profile names like Christian Dior and Victoria’s Secret, reflecting her impact on fashion and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Elle Macpherson Intimates

Elle Macpherson’s entrepreneurial journey in the lingerie industry began with the launch of Elle Macpherson Intimates. This venture expanded to include Macpherson Men and The Body, eventually broadening into activewear, swimwear, and inclusive sizes. 

After a 25-year partnership with Bendon, Macpherson ended her association to focus on new ventures, including a front-fastening bra design under her new label, Elle Macpherson Body.


In 2014, Elle Macpherson co-founded WelleCo, a wellness company that stemmed from her health journey and a collaboration with Dr. Simone Laubscher. The company, known for its Super Elixir Greens, has become a leading name in the wellness industry. 

WelleCo’s products are designed to support overall health and wellness, reflecting Macpherson’s commitment to natural and effective wellness solutions.

Other Business Ventures

Beyond lingerie and wellness, Elle Macpherson has ventured into various business domains, applying her brand to create a diverse business portfolio. 

Her ventures reflect her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities within and beyond the fashion and wellness industries.

Public Speaking and Philanthropy

Public Speaking Engagements

Elle Macpherson has distinguished herself as an exceptional keynote speaker. She adeptly covers diverse topics such as business, fashion, film, and television. Her presentations are noted for their engaging and magnetic nature, making her a first-class choice for events focused on entrepreneurship, women in business, and fashion design. 

Elle Macpherson at the Sportfreunde Stiller for Best Brands in Munich 2024
Elle Macpherson at the Sportfreunde Stiller for Best Brands in Munich 2024

She speaks from her extensive experience as both a successful model and a business entrepreneur, providing valuable insights into branding, motivation, media, women’s rights, and well-being.

Charitable Work

Elle Macpherson’s commitment to philanthropy is profound. She is the European Ambassador for RED, an initiative to eradicate AIDS in Africa. She supports UNICEF and the Australian children’s charity Smile, which focuses on rare childhood diseases. 

Additionally, her involvement extends to supporting charities like Comic Relief, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and Oxfam, demonstrating her dedication to various humanitarian causes.

How do you book Elle Macpherson for Speaking Engagements?

To secure Elle Macpherson for your next event, contact Kruger Cowne, which simplifies the booking process. Elle Macpherson, celebrated for her articulate presentations on branding, motivation, and women’s health, is available for various engagements, including hosting and moderating events

She has been recognised for excellence with awards such as Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and Branding Speaker of the Year 2011. She brings invaluable insights and inspiration to every occasion.

To initiate a booking or for more detailed information, contact Kruger Cowne and ensure your event is memorable and transformative.

Ready to Elevate Your Event?


Elle Macpherson’s meteoric rise from a celebrated supermodel to a distinguished entrepreneur and captivating public speaker exemplifies her unparalleled adaptability and visionary approach. 

Her journey, with significant achievements in fashion, business, and philanthropy, offers a blueprint for success that transcends industry boundaries. By seamlessly marrying her flair for fashion with keen business acumen, Macpherson has left an indelible mark on the fashion and wellness industries and established herself as an articulate advocate for various charitable causes. 

Her engagements as a speaker, facilitated by top UK speaker agencies, offer invaluable insights and serve as a source of inspiration for individuals worldwide looking to make a mark in their respective fields.

Book Elle Macpherson with Kruger Cowne today for those looking to glean insights from her remarkable journey or feature her eloquent voice at an upcoming event.

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