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Meet Sharmadean Reid: Kruger Cowne’s Speaker of the Week

26th June 2024

In a world where women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship are more vital than ever, Sharmadean Reid MBE emerges as a quintessential figure leading the charge.

As the founder of Beautystack and the visionary behind WAH Nails, Reid has redefined the landscape of women’s communities through innovative technology and creative business models.

Her efforts have transformed how women connect and empower each other and set new standards for women in business. 

This article highlights Sharmadean Reid, Kruger Cowne’s speaker of the week. It explores her journey from her early beginnings to becoming a key influencer in today’s digital and entrepreneurial world.

This article delves into Sharmadean Reid’s multifaceted realm, from her early life and inspirations to career highlights and achievements. 

It will elucidate her role in founding WAH Nails, her forward-thinking approach to The Stack World, and her impact on women’s empowerment and communities. 

Furthermore, we will guide readers on how to book Sharmadean Reid for speaking engagements, offering insight into her prowess as a keynote speaker and her affiliation with speaker agencies in London. 

Through exploring Reid’s innovative contributions to technology, entrepreneurship, and the creation of New Methods For Women, readers will understand why she is a paragon of modern business leadership and innovation.

Sharmadean Reid MBE: Early Life and Inspirations

Sharmadean Reid’s journey began in 1984 in Wolverhampton. She was born into a Jamaican family with a father of Indian heritage. Her early exposure to diverse cultures profoundly influenced her worldview and creative pursuits.

Before starting her higher education, Reid completed a BTEC in Art and Design, setting the stage for her future in fashion communication.

In 2003, at 19, Reid moved to London, a pivotal move that began her academic and professional development in the fashion industry. She enrolled at Central Saint Martins, one of the most prestigious art schools in the world, where she pursued a degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion. 

Reid’s talent and drive became evident during her studies as she worked alongside notable figures in the fashion industry, including Nicola Formichetti, Jo-Ann Furniss of Arena Homme +, and photographer Alasdair McLellan.

While at university, Reid founded WAH (We Ain’t Hoes) in 2005. The zine was initially a hip-hop zine focused on a new wave of street-smart feminism. It was a platform for Reid to express her thoughts on the marginalisation of women in hip-hop, a genre that was gaining significant traction at the time. 

Using her Adobe Photoshop and InDesign skills, she crafted a zine that showcased her design prowess and was an essential tool for feminist activism.

The zine eventually evolved into the WAHappenings blog and WAH Power Lunches, fostering a community where women could connect, share ideas, and discuss career opportunities. 

This initiative reflected Reid’s passion for empowering women in creative industries, a theme that would continue to define her career and entrepreneurial ventures.

Sharmadean Reid’s Spotlight Moments

Founding WAH Nails

Sharmadean Reid’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap in July 2009 when she founded WAH Nails in Dalston, Hackney. 

The launch was met with immediate success, leading to a pop-up event at Selfridges within just two months of trading.

Kruger Cowne's Sharmadean Reid in her TopShop Nail Salon
Kruger Cowne’s Sharmadean Reid in her TopShop Nail Salon

Her innovative approach to nail art created a cultural shift, transforming WAH Nails into more than just a salon; it became a community hub for creative expression among women. 

This venture showcased her flair for beauty and fashion and her commitment to empowering women through creative industries.

Beautystack and The Stack World

Following the success of WAH Nails, Sharmadean Reid expanded her entrepreneurial portfolio by founding Beautystack in 2018, a groundbreaking social network and booking platform for beauty professionals.

This was followed by the launch of The Stack World in 2020, a digital community and platform aimed at supporting women in business. Both ventures reflect her vision of leveraging technology to enhance connectivity and empowerment within the female community.

Receiving an MBE

In recognition of her contributions to the beauty industry, Sharmadean Reid was honoured with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by HRH Queen Elizabeth in 2015. 

This prestigious award highlights her significant impact on the beauty sector and underscores her role as a leading figure in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among women.

The Stack World: Mission and Impact

Empowering Women Economically and Socially

Sharmadean Reid’s The Stack World is revolutionising how women engage with the economy by providing a platform that teaches and actively empowers them to generate income.

With the introduction of the paid clubs features within The Stack World app, Premium Stack Members can now create monetisable communities with recurring monthly revenue.

This initiative reflects Reid’s commitment to transforming the traditional dynamics of women’s communities by enabling real economic empowerment.

Creating a Platform for Women’s Creator Economy

The Stack World is a robust platform to enhance the women’s creator economy. By allowing members to buy and sell services ranging from coaching to workshops, the platform is dedicated to equipping women with the necessary tools to succeed economically.

Reid’s vision extends beyond mere participation; it’s about creating a sustainable ecosystem where women can thrive by leveraging their expertise and creativity to achieve financial independence and professional growth.

How do you book Sharmadean Reid for speaking engagements?

To secure Sharmadean Reid MBE for your next event, Kruger Cowne offers a straightforward booking process.

Simply contact the team at 020 7352 2277 or use our online booking form on our website. 

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Kruger Cowne’s Speaker of the Week Summed Up

Exploring Sharmadean Reid’s journey, from her early inspirations to her innovative contributions to empowering women economically and socially, we’ve witnessed the true essence of entrepreneurial spirit and leadership.

Reid’s endeavours, including the founding of WAH Nails, Beautystack, and The Stack World, underscore her commitment to reshaping the landscape of women’s communities and the beauty industry.

Sharmadean Reid receives her MBE
Sharmadean Reid receives her MBE

Her recognition with an MBE accentuates the broad impact of her work, embodying a beacon of inspiration for all aspiring women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Reflecting on Reid’s journey and achievements, it’s evident that her initiatives have set new benchmarks in women’s empowerment and forged pathways for future generations to follow. 

For those looking to invite an influencer who exemplifies resilience, innovation, and empowerment to their next event, book Sharmadean Reid with Kruger Cowne. Her story and insights offer invaluable lessons on innovation, leadership, and the power of community, affirming her role as a pioneering voice in today’s digital and entrepreneurial world.


Who is the Founder of Wah Nails and The Stack World?

Sharmadean Reid is the visionary entrepreneur and founder behind Wah Nails and The Stack World. Established in 2009, Wah Nails is renowned for revolutionising the nail art industry with its trendsetting designs and innovative approach. The Stack World, launched in 2021, is a platform to empower women through community building, networking, and access to resources that support professional growth and entrepreneurship.

Is Sharmadean Reid a Speaker?

Yes, Sharmadean Reid is a prominent speaker known for her insightful and inspiring talks. She regularly speaks at various conferences, panels, and events, addressing topics such as entrepreneurship, women in business, innovation in the beauty industry, and the importance of community and diversity. Her engaging speaking style and wealth of experience make her a sought-after speaker for events worldwide.

How can I book Sharmadean Reid?

To book Sharmadean Reid for a speaking engagement or event, visit the Kruger Cowne website or contact the team at 020 7352 2277.

Who is Sharmadean Reid’s Agent?

Kruger Cowne exclusively represents Sharmadean Reid. For booking inquiries, it is recommended that you contact the Kruger Cowne team at 020 7352 2277 or visit their website for more details.

Did Sharmadean Reid receive an MBE?

Yes, Sharmadean Reid was honoured with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in recognition of her significant contributions to the beauty industry and her efforts in promoting diversity. This prestigious award highlights her impact and dedication to empowering women and fostering innovation within the beauty sector. Her achievements have made her a celebrated figure in entrepreneurial and beauty communities.

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