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Top 10 Sales Speakers in the UK to Motivate Your Team

23rd June 2024

Imagine rowing a boat with a team. Even if a single person rows incorrectly, the ship turns in circles.

The same goes for your sales team. Demotivation, lack of collective effort, and uninformed decisions make your strategy directionless—and if there are no sales, there is no point in burning money on marketing, PR, and other business functions.

Here’s how we can turn things around:

  • Regular motivational workshops.
  • Collaborative strategy sessions.
  • Ongoing sales training programs.
  • Sales performance review and feedback sessions.

Implementing these solutions can significantly boost your sales team’s morale, collaboration, and decision-making skills. But you need the right sales Speakers experts to lead the way for more effective transformation. Hiring a professional sales coach or a reliable talent agency in London for industry-relevant speakers is the best way to kickstart these strategies.

Let’s look at the top 10 sales speakers in the UK who can uplift your team’s performance.

Top 10 Keynote Speakers to Boost Your Sales Efforts

  • Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean Reid is not just an entrepreneur and beauty visionary; she’s a catalyst for change, a champion of gender equality, and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring business leaders. As a sales speaker, Sharmadean brings a unique perspective that can significantly benefit your team and business.

Her journey from founding WAH Magazine to launching successful ventures like WAH Nails, Beauty Stack, and The Stack World showcases her strategic insight and innovative spirit. Sharmadean’s expertise in building community-driven platforms and redefining industry standards can offer valuable insights into customer engagement, brand building, and fostering a sense of belonging among consumers.

Sharmadean is committed to empowering women and promoting diversity in entrepreneurship with contemporary business values. Her experiences raising venture capital, launching successful products, and navigating the dynamic beauty and tech sectors make her a relatable and impactful speaker for audiences seeking inspiration and actionable strategies.

By inviting Sharmadean Reid to speak, you can leverage her knowledge and passion for empowering others, creating a memorable and enriching experience that resonates with your sales team’s goals and aspirations.

  • Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett is not just an entrepreneur and speaker; he’s a multifaceted force in the business world whose insights can transform your team’s approach to entrepreneurship, marketing, and investment. As a sales speaker, Steven brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that can inspire and empower your audience.


His journey from hosting Europe’s No.1 podcast, “The Diary of a CEO,” to becoming the youngest-ever Dragon on Dragons’ Den demonstrates his entrepreneurial prowess and strategic vision. Steven’s investments in health and wellness, blockchain technologies, and disruptive startups showcase his keen eye for innovative opportunities and emerging trends.

Steven’s focus on inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs, particularly from a BAME background, adds depth and relevance to his message. His collaborations with institutions like His Majesty’s Prison Service reflect his commitment to education and empowerment beyond traditional business spheres.

With his compelling talk, you can expose your audience to novel insights, actionable strategies, and a mindset geared towards innovation and success. His appeal to young aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high-net-worth individuals ensures a dynamic and engaging experience that resonates with diverse audiences.

  • Simon Squibb

Simon’s journey is a testament to resilience and innovation. Over 30 years as an entrepreneur, starting from humble beginnings at just 15, he’s built businesses, invested in startups, and now leads HelpBnk, a platform bridging education and entrepreneurship.

His focus: Empowering millions to start businesses and improve education. Simon’s social media presence, with over 3 million followers, isn’t about popularity but spreading kindness. His street interviews and daily challenges inspire meaningful actions that can change lives.

As a speaker, Simon brings real-world experience and a message of practical empowerment. His story resonates with anyone seeking to make a difference, one step at a time. Invite Simon, and let his journey inspire your team toward tangible success and positive change.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

  • Daniel Cronin

Daniel Cronin, a sales expert and consultant, offers valuable insights into sales strategies, negotiation techniques, and building strong client relationships. With practical case studies, he focuses on sharing proven ways to close more deals.

Cronin’s presentations are engaging, informative, and motivational, making him an excellent choice for sales teams looking to improve their sales performance. Cronin profoundly understands the importance of building strong relationships and creating a positive work environment. His talks are designed to educate and inspire, providing valuable insights on making a successful sales team.

  • Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom, a branding expert and author, delves into the psychology of consumer behaviour, branding strategies, and creating impactful marketing campaigns. His speeches are focused on consumer trends. Lindstrom’s talks are engaging, informative, and motivational, making him an excellent choice for sales teams looking to develop their understanding of consumer behaviour. 

Lindstrom has championed consumer-focused marketing that helps sales professionals educate and share insights on how consumers perceive brands, their journeys, pain points, and how to offer valuable solutions.

  • Jeremy Schwartz

As a former CEO and Managing Director of renowned consumer and retail companies such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, The Body Shop, and Pandora, Schwartz is a great sales speaker. He offers audiences valuable and actionable insights from his extensive experience in these top roles.

Schwartz is best known for inventing Coke Zero, a significant milestone in his career. He has also played pivotal roles in leading and inspiring teams to transform companies like Pandora and Sainsbury’s. Under his leadership, these organisations achieved more significant turnarounds and introduced innovative sustainability initiatives. His efforts have delivered over $20 billion in shareholder value.

In addition to sharing his rich experience, Schwartz combines his talks with insightful predictions, making his sessions informative and forward-thinking.

  • Louise Troen

Louise Troen is a renowned leader in brand marketing and strategic communications. She is known for her influential work with Bumble, Airbnb, and Headspace. With extensive experience, she drives positive change in consumer-focused businesses and shares her insights as an inspiring speaker.

Passionate about the transformative power of brands, Louise’s talks highlight how purpose-driven businesses can achieve both social impact and commercial success. She emphasises community-first approaches and showcases how technology can be harnessed for good.

Louise also explores inside-out leadership, focusing on compassion and integrity to empower workforces. She shares strategies to align employees with a shared mission, galvanising teams towards success.

Currently, as Chief Marketing Officer at Reveri, Louise continues to innovate in brand marketing. Her creative approach and decade of experience position her as an authority on consumer behaviour and brand building.

Louise Troen’s dedication to empowering brands for a better world shines through her professional achievements and engaging talks. She inspires audiences to harness the power of brands to drive meaningful impact.

  • Sam Jones

Sam Jones founded Gener8, a browser that empowers people to control and monetise their data. A brilliant young entrepreneur, Sam has gained significant traction and attention, especially after his renowned pitch on Dragon’s Den, which went viral with over 25 million views.

This exposure helped Gener8 secure investments from celebrities like Tinie Tempah and Harry Redknapp. Sam aims to transform Gener8 into a £1 billion business by 2030. Forbes has described Gener8 as “one of London’s rising tech stars,” and Sam was named “Disruptor of the Year” by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Before Gener8, Sam was a global brand manager for Red Bull, creating award-winning campaigns aired in 165 countries. He has delivered keynotes at tech and business events worldwide, captivating audiences of over 30,000 with his insights and vision.

Sam Jones continues to inspire with his innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit, making him a compelling and influential speaker.

  • Samuel Kasumu

Samuel is an award-winning social entrepreneur, commentator, and strategist. He served as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s special advisor, leading the cross-government vaccine deployment confidence programme and being the most senior black advisor in government.

With extensive senior leadership and board experience, Samuel is a Non-Executive Director at Ovo’s Foundation arm and was a member of the Race Disparity Audit Advisory Board under Prime Minister Theresa May. He founded Inclusive Boards, specialising in non-executive board appointments.

Samuel has launched numerous initiatives to support Britain’s black and minority ethnic population, including a student network that grew to 30,000 members and a campaign aiding over 8,000 start-ups. His awards include the Barclays Business Enterprise Award and Entrepreneur Champion of the Year.

As an elected local councillor in Hertfordshire, Samuel brings deep insights into regional and national government operations. His expertise and dedication make him an influential and inspiring speaker who drives meaningful change in communities.

  • Paul Polman

Paul Polman is a renowned influencer, business leader, and co-author of the recently published book “Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take.” A staunch advocate for addressing climate change and inequality through business action, Polman has been praised by the Financial Times as “a standout CEO of the past decade.”

During his tenure as CEO of Unilever from 2009 to 2019, Polman demonstrated the success of a long-term, multi-stakeholder approach alongside solid financial performance. He was a vital member of the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel, contributing to developing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and continuing to champion them globally.

In his book “Net Positive,” Polman calls on business leaders to adopt a net positive approach, where companies profit by solving global challenges. He chairs IMAGINE, a social venture focused on systems change and is involved with Saïd Business School and the UN Global Compact.

With his extensive leadership roles and dedication to positive change, Polman is a respected voice driving impactful action in business and sustainability.

Redirect Your Sales Efforts with Industry Leaders

These talented individuals are not only winning in their respective fields. Still, they are open to sharing their expertise, real-world experiences, and modern trends with aspiring ones to snowball the impact. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these professionals help develop champion mindsets across industries.

Be it tech, finance, fashion, or entertainment, with the top talent agency in London, you can find the most relevant and compelling profiles for motivational and transformational talks.

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