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Top Trending Female Motivational Speakers For Events in UK

5th July 2024

As we have seen, the advancement of women in business and politics has been nothing short of remarkable. Women are tearing down boundaries and reinventing what it means to lead in a historically male-dominated society. 

In the United Kingdom, female motivational speakers are frequently booked to discuss representation, equal pay, women’s health, and other essential themes for business events. 

These inspiring performance artists perform on stage at all events within and outside the United Kingdom and deliver moving stories and speeches that inspire people. They encourage the participants to aspire for more, earn more, and do more in their efforts. 

Their stories of adversity and achievement redefine what is possible and inspire each person to realise their possibilities. Their tales of survival and triumph inspire hope and motivate the audience to go further than their pain and work harder to achieve greatness.

So, if you want to hire a brilliant female motivational speaker for your event, we’re here to help you. This blog will walk you through the UK’s top female speakers who will captivate your audience and inspire them to achieve greatness.

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2024 Most Popular Female Motivational Speakers in the United Kingdom

When you hire a motivational speaker from a talent agency London, you can be confident that you are securing the best talent for your event. 

Here are our UK’s leading female motivational speakers, who will leave a lasting impact on your audience. With their compelling stories and dynamic delivery, they will lift your event to new heights.

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is not only a famous model and a successful businesswoman but also a very talented motivational speaker. She is a fabulous and stylish woman who has appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines for many years. 

However, Elle did not limit herself to simply being a model. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, she is a well-rounded motivational speaker who inspires audiences with her multifaceted success and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Elle Macpherson is a motivational speaker who moves audiences with her tales of resiliency, inventiveness, and self-improvement. She shares her experiences navigating the highs and lows of a diverse profession and offers insightful advice on striking a balance and succeeding.

With her captivating and genuine style, Elle inspires listeners to follow their dreams and adopt a well-rounded strategy for prosperity and well-being. 

Her transformation from supermodel to successful businesswoman and health champion is an inspirational example of what is possible with perseverance, vision, and a solid commitment to well-being.

Dr Jane Goodall

One of the most influential personalities of the present day is Dr. Jane Goodall, a British-born primatologist, ethnologist, and anthropologist. In addition to her accomplishments as a scientist, Dr. Goodall is a passionate activist whose work focuses on environment conservation, animal rights, and young people.

She has dedicated her life to protecting the world’s wildlife and habitats and has received numerous accolades, such as the Kyoto and Templeton prizes.

As a motivational speaker, Dr. Goodall loves to grab the audience’s attention and provide meaningful experiences that change their perspectives. She narrates her thrilling story as a young researcher in the African wilderness to a global conservationist role model, motivating countless individuals to act on their beliefs and become agents of change in their communities or society.

Dr. Goodall delivers a universal message to audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The message that she conveys about the interconnectedness of all life forms or the need for viewers to develop empathy towards all forms of life inspires the need to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues affecting the world currently.

Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean Reid is an inspirational figure driven by business success, creativity, and the desire to inspire others. Best known for her groundbreaking achievements in beauty and entrepreneurship, Reid’s transformation from a founder to an industry innovator has been inspiring audiences globally.

With a burning desire to innovate, Reid further diversified her business with Beautystack, a unique beauty booking app that combines social media and shopping features.

Reid is a motivational speaker, and her energy, passion for making change, encouragement of people to be more creative in using technology, and ability to think beyond the box make him very special.

She shares valuable tips that she learned throughout her entrepreneurial experience, including tips on creating thriving businesses in the 21st-century digital environment.


Merritt Moore

Merritt Moore is not your typical public figure and life coach. She has been described as a physicist, a professional ballet dancer, and an aspiring astronaut, thus challenging the typical categorisations. 

Moore’s incredible voyage from stage to science laboratory to space travel has fascinated millions of fans worldwide. With a well-rounded arts and science education, Moore incorporates concepts from both worlds into her motivational speeches.

As a motivational speaker, Moore fascinates listeners by using stories and passion to encourage them to go further, work hard, and never give up on what they love. Her rich experience in different fields allows her to provide useful tips on how to succeed in both the arts and sciences.


Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman is more than just a successful TV hostess; she is a program presenter and a humorist with a distinct personality and a high energy level.

In addition to being a motivational speaker, she is a professional who has overcome many obstacles and challenges in her personal and professional life. Her experience makes a positive impact on other people by inspiring them through her narrations.

Lauren Winkleman has worked as a television presenter, radio host, and journalist and is well-known for being an influential personality in the media industry. Her enthusiasm and kind spirit have garnered many fans, and she has become a go-to figure for advice and motivation for many people.

While utilising presentation techniques that fit the definition of motivational speaking, Winkleman relies on her success story and does not shy away from talking about the difficulties she faced on the way. 

From the realities of the media world to her personal struggles, she shares lessons on how to prevail through adversities and follow one’s dream.


Why Choose a Female Motivational Speaker?

For decades, society’s culture has not changed much regarding gender roles and expectations for women, but inspirational female speakers are changing all that with their words. The messages they portray do not only remain confined to the stage but influence the feelings of the audiences desiring change. 

These speakers give a message of hope and equality for women in a world that fails to recognise that women can, too, be assertive. It is personal growth and a society’s encouragement for a better world with more acceptance and equality.

They show examples of how they have overcome the odds and achieved success in fields that are still predominantly dominated by men, inspiring women to strive and demand their fair share of opportunities.

The future belongs to such amazing women, and as society evolves, bringing in a new era of non-discrimination and equality, it is critical to listen to their views.

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