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2018 In Review

7th January 2019

Looking to make changes or create your own story, one “inspirational” quote at a time?


As the New Year unfolds, full of shiny new resolutions, and gloriously blank pages, we’re inspired to grab a big handful of good intentions, and show everyone that 2019 is going to be our best year yet (for the 20th year running!). But, we’re going to need a bit of help from somewhere, right?

Finding inspiration to improve, whether personally or professionally, used to be a pretty simple process. You had a conversation with someone who truly inspired you, met a person whose courage made you want to be like them, or witnessed how hard work and dedication breeds success after success.

Then the internet happened, and everyone decided it was their sole purpose to empower everyone, everywhere. That’s when things started to get complicated, and noisy… Noisy in the sense that the moment that you express a mild interest in a topic, your senses are bombarded with information – targeted ads, clickbait articles, links, pop-ups – so much information that your brain simply can’t process it and inevitably, you just give up, head for the nearest darkened room, and reach for the paracetamol.

But, you’re still interested in the topic, and keen to explore it. What now? You don’t want to fall back down the dark hole of “motivational online psychobabble”. You don’t want 1000 notifications that Tom, Dick and Harry have all got an opinion about something that Dr Marvellous said. You certainly don’t want to sign up for 424 daily motivational quotes from the latest self-appointed Motivational Guru.

We get that. We’ve experienced the “noise” and we don’t like it either. We like to let our talent do the talking which is fortunate really, as that’s what they’re with us for!

Our people are the ones in paragraph 2 – the ones who inspire you, the ones you want to be like, and the ones who’ve proved themselves by virtue of sheer hard work, guts and determination to achieve what they’ve set out to. We’ve taken the time to really get to know them, to understand the topics that are close to their hearts, and we know who fits where in the talent v audience jigsaw. It’s very simple – you brief us on your requirements, and we’ll prepare a tailored list of people who fit that brief. Think of it like a recommendation from an experienced friend.

To give you some inspiration in Jan, here are some of our highlights from 2018:







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Please note: we are unable to assist with any charitable or personal requests for any of the talent featured on our website.