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Andrew Pain

Leadership Coach, Change-maker & Domestic Abuse Campaigner

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Andrew Pain

Delivering coaching, group workshops and keynote talks, Andrew is a TEDx and approved VISTAGE speaker and an ICF accredited coach, working with organisations including; Federation of Small Businesses, Institute of Directors, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Association of Project Management, small to mid sized businesses, entrepreneurs, charities, schools and colleges.

Andrew serves three distinct niches, delivering content-rich talks and programmes, sharing original and insightful strategies to inspire meaningful change.

  • How to stop burnout and make work/life balance a reality not a utopia: understanding burnout, critical decision making, time management, procrastination, goal-setting, delegation, motivation and personal resilience.
  • Domestic abuse and gender equality: understanding the signs, why people stay, how to support others, personal bias and the impact of domestic abuse on employment.
  • Men’s mental health: domestic abuse, the stigmas as a male victim, the importance of psychological safety (what it is and how we create it), why men and boys are struggling at this time, how we can redefine masculinity in the 21st century, and buzzwords such as ‘toxic masculinity’ – are they actually helpful?

In order to seriously address men’s mental health, Andrew discusses the importance of moving beyond well-trodden assumptions such as “Men don’t naturally talk” and instead ask questions such as: How do we actively support men who are struggling? What are the barriers/prejudices/stigmas within our society which might hold men back from opening up? How do we help men to be the best version of themselves?

  • Over 80% of homeless people in the UK are men.
  • 95% of people in prison in the UK are men.
  • 60% of victims of violence in the UK are men or boys … and yet, there’s no official government strategy to tackle violence against men and boys: the issue is simply swept up into the official government strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.
  • 3/4 of people who complete suicide each year in the UK are men.

Alongside coaching/speaking, Andrew is a campaigner and advocate for all victims of domestic abuse (having personally experienced abuse in a former marriage). He is a trustee for a charity which supports families where children are the perpetrators of domestic abuse, and he works closely with a homelessness prevention charity, delivering the HR and fundraising lead. He is a father of 5, which means he’s a maid, taxi driver, war zone reporter, health and safety officer, chief negotiator and unappreciated fashion consultant.

"I recently watched Andrew's webinar on procrastination through CIMA last week and having watched quite a few webinars through 2020/21, I have to
say, it's one of the best I've seen. He is an incredibly skilled presenter and has a presenting style which draws the viewer/listener in effortlessly."

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