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Ash Dykes

Adventurer, Extreme Athlete and 3x World First Record Holder

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Ash Dykes

Ash is a remarkable individual who has made a profound impact in various domains, from setting three world first records to captivating audiences worldwide as an explorer, extreme athlete, author and speaker. He has also been in the biggest platforms in the world, to include the Joe Rogan Experience, BBC World News and has his on show on National Geographic. Ash’s most recent feat involved the filming of his international TV show, covering an astonishing 21,000 kilometres along the Great Wall of China.

One of his most significant accomplishments was being the first person ever to complete a 4,000-mile hike along the entire length of the Yangtze River in China. This monumental journey, spanning 352 days, challenged Ash with encounters with bears, altitude sickness, wolves, landslides, blizzards, and the need to send 10 of his 16 team members home due to various hardships. Beyond being a Guinness-approved World First, Ash’s journey was one of the world’s most interactive adventures. He shared his experiences through blogs, vlogs, and live streams, reaching over 1 billion people worldwide. He often invited the public to participate and was joined by Chinese celebrities and ordinary citizens along the way. Ash’s expedition even garnered the attention of GQ and Adidas for the launch of Jet Li’s co-branded range with martial arts star Jacky Heung.

Ash’s commitment to environmental causes shone brightly during his Yangtze River expedition. He partnered with organisations such as WWF, Yibin Fishery Department, Water-To-Go, the British Consulate General, and the Green Development Foundation to highlight and promote their efforts to protect and preserve the natural environment, making it a central focus of his mission.

In 2014, Ash achieved another milestone by becoming the first recorded person to solo hike across Mongolia unsupported, covering over 1,500 miles in just 78 days. His journey took him across the Altai Mountains, through the Gobi Desert, and across the Mongolian Steppe while pulling a wheeled trailer weighing 120kg, containing everything necessary for survival. This extraordinary feat was commended by Sir Ranulph Fiennes for its exceptional determination and challenge.

In 2016, Ash added to his list of world records by walking the entire length of Madagascar’s interior, summiting its eight highest mountains. This epic expedition spanned over 1,600 miles and 155 days, rife with challenges such as military encounters, bandit threats, contracting the deadliest form of Malaria, navigating croc-infested rivers, and traversing nearly impenetrable jungle during cyclone seasons.

Ash’s impact extended beyond his adventures; he was invited to serve as the UK Ambassador for Madagascar Tourism, promoting the island to over 350,000,000 people worldwide. Additionally, he became the Special Ambassador of Malaria No More UK, an organisation dedicated to eradicating malaria within our lifetime, supported by luminaries like David Beckham and Sir Andy Murray.

Ash’s remarkable achievements have earned him three invitations to 10 Downing Street and accolades such as the 2015 UK Adventurer of the Year Award and the 2016 Welsh Adventurer of the Year Award. As well as this he served as an ambassador for COP26, advocating for climate action on a global scale.

His illustrious journey has been marked by appearances on some of the most prestigious global platforms, including The Joe Rogan Experience, BBC World News, The One Show, Fox News, Good Morning Britain, Forbes, among many others. Ash has taken his inspiring journey on speaking tours across the UK and Asia, addressing audiences in Singapore, Myanmar, Korea, and throughout China. He has delivered three TEDx Talks and presented at parliament alongside Annie Lennox, engaging with the UK government on critical issues. Ash’s story is one of unparalleled determination, courage, and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, making him a sought-after speaker and an inspiration to audiences worldwide.

Ash Dykes is one of the most exciting speakers I have worked with, who impressed me with his high efficiency! I saw from him, his passion for environmental protection and for breaking new ground of potential. His passion is reflected in his speech, for the full 18 minutes he had the whole crowed silently listening at the TEDxHangzhouSalon 2019 stage. Many of the audience couldn’t wait to ask our organising committee whether his speech scripts can be shared with them. Thanks again Ash Dykes!!

TedX - Hangzhou

At one of the busiest evening events hosted by London’s Science Museum – a special Science Lates in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Ash spoke to a full house about his travels, adventures and own experience of getting malaria. With standing room only, Ash’s talk was a chance for a new audience to hear about malaria, a disease that still kills a child every two minutes.

Science Lates - Science Museum

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