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26th March 2018



We are only days away from the March meeting of the Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club and I’m reflecting on some memorable themes from February’s special evening event with the legendary musician, entrepreneur, branding specialist and creative mind, Dave Stewart.

In his wonderfully irreverent keynote style, Dave, assisted by his guitar and some crowd participation, impressively created a song before our eyes for a newly imagined vodka brand, detailing its target audience and capturing the essence of the product.

It was the cherry on top of a presentation which promoted the importance of brands staying true to their core values despite everything around them changing, but equally not being afraid to take risks. In this instance it was the launch of a vodka brand in Jamaica, a place renowned for its love of rum …  but don’t compromise was the underlying note. Dave tested the audience when finding the tone for the song, “Do we play it cool, or go full on?” … The audience unanimously accepted the risk, calling back “Full on”. Dave obliged, starting the song off with an infectious Ska riff.

Ordinarily, Dave uses this method for a single company or brand but the goal is the same … get the employees singing from the same song sheet, while conveying a message that in spite of tricky obstacles it’s crucial to retain your brand values through all levels of the company. From top to bottom.

When recalling an early Eurythmics memory Dave described how he and Annie Lennox created a business-like manifesto outlining their likes and dislikes; their values. The anecdote continued with the pair sat in a bank manager’s office in search of investment. Holding firm to their vision and authenticity, they left with a cheque for £5000 … and that’s where it all began. It’s an approach that has served Dave well throughout his successful career in music and business.

After showcasing a humorous £15 home-made commercial advert, Dave once more championed risk, referring to occasions where brands had stunned him with the figures being spent on commercials and advertising and the desperation to secure the holy grail Super Bowl ad spot. Dave’s stance was “the wildest imagination is more valuable than any big flashbang harry” and its impact will be more memorable than merely a grandiose production.

To conclude the evening Dave Stewart was awarded the Kruger Cowne Creative Speaker of The Year Award 2017. Find more of our award winners here.


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