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Johannes Alinhac known as “Butzi”, with 4 TEDx to his credit, is an international speaker with an atypical background, often considered eclectic and disruptive.

A graduate of the Sorbonne in Economics, he decides to travel alone to Latin America for 9 months and becomes… a magician on his return. He makes a living from his passion and takes the stage at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as in London’s West End.

With experience, he starts creating illusions for his clients and colleagues and writes a book on the subject.

At the same time, he sets up two other companies and writes a book for the general public on magicians and entrepreneurs’ creativity: “The magic of Crazytivity”, which launched his career as a speaker.

He offers accessible, optimistic, fun and actionable conferences to help his client’s employees to boost their creativity and become hybrid workers, augmented by AI.

While continuing his entrepreneurial adventures, Butzi becomes fascinated by the magic of AI and the technology that is transforming his daily life. Today, he coaches entrepreneurs to transform their business with new technologies and inspires big companies’ teams to use AI as a vector of possibilities, productivity and creativity.

"Butzi was a keynote speaker at our BizLab DemoDay. For the full 45 minutes he kept the 300 people in the audience captivated with his amazing insights into creativity. He definitely inspired the audience of Airbus employees and other industry enthusiasts to be more innovative every day."

Airbus - Rey Buckman

"Butzi has delivered keynotes at two of our conferences and has delivered exactly what we wanted on both occasions. His tricks are impressive and his personality and humour make him so engaging and fun to watch whilst delivering an important message. I would highly recommend Butzi if you want an engaging & memorable keynote at any event!"

Hilton - Lynne Kelly-Downey

"People were really happy and thought you were funny as well. The way you taught things… you shared a lot of wisdom but also showed them how to be magic. So, really appreciated it and hope to see you again in the future."


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