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Charles Clark

Speaker and Mindset Expert

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Charles Clark

“Charles Clark lit a fire deep down in my soul. It was like he was speaking directly to me and addressing all my doubts and concerns.”

With clients like Amazon, Nike, Nielsen, NFL, MLB, NCAA, Frontier Communications, Raymond James, Keller Williams, iHeartRadio, and many more, Charles Clark understands the power of providing not only motivation but also practical lessons that inspire real transformation.

If you are tired of surface-level motivation that merely excites but encourages little change, then Charles’ vulnerable presentations that directly connect to the audience while also giving specific action steps are exactly what you need.

This unique approach is creating unbelievable change to individuals and corporations all over the world that have attended one of Charles’ presentations.

Charles Clark is an international dynamic speaker with an unforgettable message of resilience despite adversity.

His empowering and motivating sessions are customized to the client’s needs. Some of his most interactive, engaging, and action-packed sessions include:

Adversity Makes You Stronger How To Become Relentless Building Skyscraper Relationships

Charles Clark’s presentations focus on changing your perspective through improved mindset and mental wellness, which are relevant topics for organizations experiencing difficult times or desiring to rise to the next level. With his authenticity, energetic delivery, and his experience as the 6th fastest man in the world, Charles will teach you how to overcome fear, unlearn bad habits, and become a self-made goal achiever.

Charles understands that people are going through change more than they are reaching success, so the real connection with his audience occurs when he shares his life altering experiences to help others bounce back and thrive despite adversity. More importantly, Charles focuses on science-backed strategies that have been proven to create lasting change.

By the age of 22, Charles was a 3 time National Champion, 10 times All-American, and placed as the 6th fastest man in the world at IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany. He was living his dream and one year away from inking his first shoe deal as a track and field superstar.

It took a 99% tear in his right quad muscle, a debilitating injury for a world-class sprinter, to uncover the depth of who he was. For so long, his life was one-dimensional— practice, training, rehab, stretching, race, win, get better, get faster. The injury left his confidence bankrupt and emotions starving. This was the start of building a sustainable foundation of the man he is now.

He moved into a season of speaking voluntarily at local schools, giving them a watered-down version of his life with surface level motivation, never touching on his pain for fear of judgment. He believed no one would want to hear him speak, if they knew his truth. His mom was supporting her grown son. He was borrowing her car, while he was trying to rise back to fame. He felt like a failure, but still, he spoke.

Instead of just talking about success, he began talking about the pain we mask and understanding that it all had a purpose. People needed to hear his entire journey. The highs and the lows. He started putting on Thrive Events and traveling around the world impacting tens of thousands of lives each year. He became an expert in mindset and mental wellness.

This is where he truly learned that thriving is more than just a gold medal. It is impact. It is life transformation. It is excellence. It is integrity. It is intentional living. Thriving is all the things most people forget when they are determined to achieve a great goal.

“Surviving should not be your choice when thriving is in your DNA.”

Thriving is something he is seeking in every area of his life, not just from the stage or during one of his podcast episodes— it is all-encompassing. Between his health, community outreach, and close relationships, thriving is not just something that looks good on paper, it is something he lives by.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your upcoming kick-off event, conference, corporate meeting, or school assembly, then connect with Charles’ team to get more details.

"Just attended event held by Success1st.org event where Charles Clark was the keynote, you inspired me to now scrape the sky of life with your skyscraper presentation! Continue to use your life to propel others as you have to me and others this day!"

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