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Chloe Ayling

Anti Human Trafficking Activist And Former Model

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Chloe Ayling

Chloe Ayling is a British anti-human trafficking activist and an ex-model. She was kidnapped during a fake modelling assignment and held for six days. Chloe was drugged, stuffed in a bag, dumped into the boot of a car, driven to a remote farmhouse close to Turin and auctioned as a sex slave by a Dark Web gang. Chloe was informed by the kidnappers that she would be sold to someone in the Arab world, who would feed her to tigers when he became bored. Over the period of her capture she sought empathy from her captor through sharing her personal information in an attempt to connect him to her humanity and, when he found out she was a mother of a two-year-old boy, decided to release her. Chloe recognises she is not an expert witness, but she speaks from the heart on her first-hand experiences. Chloe’s account of the event and how she, as a young woman, dealt with the incredible mental anguish and overcame her fears sufficiently to gain her release is an inspiring and empowering lesson of the darker side of life which she now wishes to share to empower others – a young woman surviving on her inner strength.

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