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How Communicating Business Vision Can Bring Business Success

27th August 2019

The secret to a successful business will change depending on who you ask. Some entrepreneurs may put it down to their hard work and determination, while others owe their success to their family. There may even be some that put it down to luck or good timing. Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be a formula for a successful business, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t reach the same heights as Duncan Bannatyne, Lord Alan Sugar, or winner of BBC’s the Apprentice, Mark Wright.

Confidence and ambition, combined with vision and determination, can provide a solid foundation for starting and running a business. You have to believe in your brand and be confident of its success, as opposed to attaching feelings of apprehension to an otherwise exciting achievement.

How can vision be communicated?

Vision can often give us the courage and confidence to push ourselves, setting goals and placing milestones in preparation for our vision to one day become a reality. Although, there are times where we may need the help of others, and the best way to get people on board is to clearly communicate your vision to them.

It may be that you haven’t yet started up your business, but through your vision, you understand what needs to be done in order to get the ball rolling. Alternatively, you may already run your own successful business but are looking to take it in a new direction. Your vision may be evident to you, but when you have a considerable number of valued employees and possible stakeholders, it can be difficult to professionally convey your vision to others.

There are several ways in which you can confidently communicate your vision. Start by informing your employees of your plans to make a beneficial change, making it a highly personal experience. Perhaps have one-to-one meetings and send individually addressed and signed letters. Ensure that your employees aren’t finding out through word of mouth, and avoid sending generic emails.

Clearly convey your goals in an excitable and positive manner. This encourages your employees to see your vision as a highly beneficial and worthwhile change, as opposed to generating feelings of unease and nervousness. This will ensure that everyone speaks with one voice. Understanding your vision, the mission at hand and the fundamental values of your company is an imperative contributor to business success.

Vision can also be communicated using a variety of online platforms and marketing campaigns, catapulting your concept into the virtual spotlight. Social media platforms are ideal for conveying goals and innovative ideas. Not only are they incredibly popular, but they each allow you to communicate your message in a variety of ways to different demographics.

Mark Wright and his entrepreneurial vision

Mark Wright, an award-winning, self-taught digital marketing specialist and influential entrepreneur won the Apprentice in 2014, securing a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar. This enabled him to kick-start his business (cleverly named, Climb Online) and develop it into one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the UK. Climb Online is the most successful business to have been founded by the popular BBC programme since the show’s premiere in 2005.

Growing up in Australia, Wright held down employment as a personal trainer at a local gym, working for a company that sought to dramatically increase its profits. Wright suggested advertising their services online with the help of a fully functioning website. Having implemented Wright’s suggestion, they were soon reaping the rewards, receiving around $240,000 (AUS) a month in revenue, a far cry from the initial $2,000 (AUS) a month.

Wright owes part of his success to his parents, both having owned businesses in Australia. As part of his parents’ influence, Wright soon developed the same entrepreneurial skills, subsequently leading him to launch his own business. Without vision, determination and confidence to reach his goals, Wright may not have been the success story he is today.

He communicated his vision to family, friends and eventually Lord Alan Sugar, a highly successful, self-made businessman and millionaire. Sufficiently communicating his vision, together with the drive to push himself into the final of the Apprentice led him to win the show and secure a substantial investment from Sugar himself.

What could be achieved with vision?

Vision can be the catalyst for many of our personal achievements. From buying your first house to opening your first business, it all starts with a vision. However, in order for your vision to become a reality, action needs to be taken. This often starts with setting achievable goals.

For example, starting a business requires money, so you may first need to acquire a certain amount. The majority of the time, aspiring business owners take out bank loans to cover the initial costs, but for others, they may prefer to save up the money themselves to avoid debt. This should all be planned and decided upon in good time, especially if you’re looking to build the funds yourself.

In order for Wright’s vision to become a reality, he too had to set appropriate goals and realistic milestones, starting with his drive and confidence to apply for the Apprentice. At the age of just 29, he has already earned a number of credentials, including: ‘Ambitious Influencer on Lead Generation’, ‘Influencer on Profitability’ and ‘Influencer on Growth’.

As well as this, budding entrepreneurs regularly attend his public speaking engagements and motivational talks that take place across the UK. By January 2017, he secured a prime spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his continuous impact on, and dedication to, the business sector.

He has since won a variety of business accolades, including: ‘Entrepreneur’s Team of the Year’ (at the 2018 Great British Entrepreneurs Awards) and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ (at the 2018 UK business Awards).

By June 2019, Wright welcomed hundreds of business owners to CLIMBON, a conference dedicated to helping entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth, with headline speakers such as Lord Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan offering their advice.

Without the vision and determination he had at the start of his entrepreneurial journey, he may not have been as successful as he is today. A vision starts with an idea, and when that pulls off, you may well end up reaping the same rewards as digital revolutionary, Mark Wright.

The benefits of consistent confidence

There are a wealth of benefits to being confident, particularly in the world of business. It can be used as a tool to help you manage feelings of apprehension or nervousness, emotions that often come with certain aspects of everyday life. It can help to replace those feelings with optimism and positivity, improving your general outlook. This can help to build up a repertoire of success, making a solid foundation for a business to thrive upon.

It’s important to realise the impact that confidence can have on a business and its subsequent success. It can increase performance, productivity and output, as well as helping to overcome obstacles. Confidence enables entrepreneurs to pursue goals and acquire skills that are often needed to build and maintain a successful business.

Confidence allows for social ease, especially when meeting with customers, stakeholders or employees. It will enable one to expertly convey opinions and ideas, regardless of how risky they may be.

Lastly, confidence can even promote feelings of happiness. Positivity often spreads throughout the workforce, especially if it comes from the top. Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive and a sturdy rapport can be built. Employee retention rates also increase, meaning you’re less likely to lose parts of your workforce to competitors.

Confidence in your own business can be highly advantageous; from increased performance to greater levels of happiness, a budding entrepreneur will soon blossom, subsequently being as successful as Mark Wright and his multi-million pound digital marketing agency – Climb Online.

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