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Dr. Asha de Vos speaks to Vogue on her hopes for World Oceans Day

9th June 2022


Renowned marine biologist Dr. Asha de Vos reflects upon her hopes and aspirations for World Oceans Day. Interviewed by Vogue, Asha stresses the importance of collective responsibility in solving the issues we face, regarding the excessive polluting of our oceans and the long-term impact this will have on climate change.

From global warming to overfishing and microplastics pollution, our oceans are under threat. In fact, a recent study found that one third of all marine life could become extinct within 300 years if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. Meanwhile, another report published last year found that sea level rise caused by the climate crisis could put up to 410 million people at risk.

Dr Asha de Vos, founder of Oceanswell, Sri Lanka

Dr. Asha De Vos

“I hope that we can come to the collective realisation that if we truly want to save our oceans, every coastline needs a local hero. Equitable partnerships led by local people and communities are more effective and sustainable than parachute efforts that result in mismatched priorities and power imbalances. If we want to protect our oceans, we need to recognise that our power lies in being inclusive and equitable, and giving everyone the opportunity to resolve the problems of our oceans.

“We need to make space at the decision-making table for everyone, and who sits at this table should not depend on where they come from, but what they can contribute to driving change on the ground. We need to create more opportunities that range from education to action so that everyone is empowered and equipped to make the best decisions on behalf of the ocean. Leaving no one behind in the process of doing better is a choice we can and should make for the sake of our present and future.”

To read the full article (published by Vogue) click here.

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