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Dr. Colleen Lightbody

Neuroscientist and Resilience Expert

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Dr. Colleen Lightbody

Dr. Colleen Lightbody, celebrated worldwide as “The Brain Guru,” isn’t merely an authority in neuroscience; she is able to share an understanding of the brain and human psychology in a way that is accessible and entertaining. As the inspired leader of Brainwise: Mastery Through Neuroscience, her global renown is not only built on an impressive dossier of coaching, training, and speaking commitments from the Asia-Pacific region to the US, Europe, and Africa, but also on her ability to captivate and energise her audience.

Expertise across a spectrum of subjects – from neuroscience and mindfulness to brain-based leadership, coaching, emotional intelligence and wellness, her intellectual edge is sharpened by a strong academic foundation: a PhD in Mindfulness and Neuroscience, a Master’s in Philosophy, and also in NeuroLeadership. She is a globally renowned speaker and trainer and is one of few Certified Master Coaches in the world..

What makes Dr. Lightbody unforgettable as a speaker is her flair for storytelling and motivation, earning a standing ovation at a TEDx event.

She does not simply speak about personal mastery; she is the embodiment of it. For her, this isn’t just a career. It’s a life mission to inspire change, foster growth, and ignite the spark of potential within everyone she encounters.

It is extremely rare that I meet people who can within a few hours have a profound impact on my life. Meeting you yesterday was such a moment for me. I listened to you talk about how neuroscience and neuroplasticity was life changing for you. I looked at how passionate you are about the work you do and how engaging you were with everyone. You remained calm, in control and your energy never seemed to drop throughout the day. Normally I struggle to stay focused and engaged and yet I found myself highly focused and engaged listening to your every word and trying desperately not to forget anything.

Roxanne Casey - Head OD & Change Management, Nedbank limited

Hats off to you as truly I have not come across anyone with as much subject knowledge and passion as you have. You bring so much energy into the room and so smoothly engage all participants which I have never seen before. The diversity of exposure and knowledge you brought to all of us was completely out of this world.

Viiveck Verma – CEO Upsurge Global

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