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Dr. Rosa Vasquez Espinoza

Chemical biologist, storyteller, National Geographic Explorer and award-winning artist

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Dr. Rosa Vasquez Espinoza

Dr. Rosa Vásquez Espinoza is a chemical biologist, conservationist, National Geographic Explorer, and award-winning artist. Of Peruvian-Andean and Amazonian descent, Rosa grew up learning about traditional medicine from her grandmother in their backyard’s “natural pharmacy”. Inspired to dive deeper, she went onto discovering new antibiotics and green chemistry tools during her PhD. Today, Rosa travels to the most extreme environments in the planet from the Amazon Rainforest to Yellowstone’s acidic, boiling waters searching for the tiniest creatures, from microbes to stingless bees, to create big changes in the world.

Rosa is the founder and executive director of Amazon Research Internacional (ARI), a for-purpose organisation in Peru dedicated to advance conservation and knowledge of Amazonian biodiversity and culture through science, capacity building, conservation policy and storytelling. ARI works closely with communities to use science and conservation to empower their economies in sustainable and ethical manners.

With her scientific-based explorative nature, Rosa is an avid communicator that connects the micro-to-macro worlds to nourish our appreciation for biodiversity in all its magnitudes. She also advocates for scientific exploration of untapped ecosystems, living more sustainably as organisations and individuals, conservation of fragile ecosystems, diversity in STEAM, equal access to education and scientist-artist collaborations.

As a scientist and award-winning artist, Rosa is driven by curiosity and the adventure of guiding others into discovering and learning about the planet through creative thinking. She collaborates closely with educators to integrate hands-on scientific exploration and conservation into the classroom.

Rosa is a compelling storyteller and has participated in international campaigns with National Geographic & Walt Disney on the recycling of common plastics, sustainability in the beauty industry, and the power of water in science. She has also collaborated with NASA and HITN-TV to create bilingual space exploration content. She also appears as an expert narrator in “Secrets in the Jungle”, a new show with the Science Channel.

Her research has been featured in ABC Studios Tamron Hall, Forbes, BeeCulture, TreeHugger, Science Friday “20 Top Stories”, HITN-TV, National Association of Science Writers, ASBMB, National Geographic Magazine and Andina Perú.

“Rosa Vasquez Espinoza was a highly valued keynote speaker for our educational sales event in 2022. She was professional in the planning leading up to the event, was attentive to the details of the audience needs in preparing the presentation, and was gracious with her time during the event. Rosa’s knowledge of conservation efforts, sustainability, and overall ecosystem health and impact on humans was the perfect message to motivate our audience. Feedback from attendees of Rosa’s session was amazing and our organization immediately began plans to book Rosa for future events.”

– Mark Hoffman - St Product Marketing Manager at National Geographic Learning/CENGAGE

“The powerful energy she radiates, combined with her clarity in delivering messages, make Rosa an incredibly talented speaker. She has the ability to captivate the attention of a wide audience, as demonstrated by the Planet Love video which has generated over 57k views. As a partner, she is committed, passionate, and creative. I would gladly work with Rosa again and again.”

– Mariana Roca - Corporate Affairs Assoc. Manager at PepsiCo LATAM

“We had the honor of hosting Dr. Rosa Vasquez to share her work as a National Geographic Explorer researcher in the Peruvian Amazon. Sustaining Hidden Wonders of the Amazon, was the first in the series shortly after celebrating Earth Day. It was an outstanding presentation visually and the content was fascinating! Learning about the boiling riving, nano-plastics, stingless bees and the medicinal honey, and how her Peruvian heritage has inspired her life’s passion and career. Her passion shines through her work and inspired meaningful and impactful conversations around environmental responsibility, science community, and overall how we can contribute to the well-being of the earth’s environment.“

– Lauren E Swann - Product Development Design at BOEING

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