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Elle Mace

Elle Mace is a distinguished practitioner at the forefront of integrating therapy and coaching to deliver unparalleled services and transformative results for her clients. As the founder of her own clinic, Elle offers personalised 1:1 and group sessions, hosts worldwide retreats, manages a compelling podcast, and serves as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) trainer with two certified training courses. She is also a sought-after speaker for corporate businesses.

Elle’s professional journey is deeply rooted in her personal experiences, particularly her triumph over eating disorders. This unique and unfortunate chapter in her life fuels her passion for helping others navigate similar challenges. From this, Elle has carved a niche for herself, specialising in body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and cultivating positive psychology.

Recognising the pivotal role that our relationship with food play in our daily lives, Elle emphasises the importance of healing and improving these connections. Her empathetic understanding stems not only from her academic pursuits but from having walked the difficult path herself. Elle’s expertise allows her to address the intricate nuances of past traumas, connecting them to present issues such as imposter syndrome, comparison, belonging, and connection.

Elle’s approach is a blend of experience, qualifications, and a profound knowledge base. Her sessions are not only informative and engaging but also fun, creating an atmosphere where clients can experience realisations and “light bulb” moments. By sharing her journey, Elle empowers others to embark on their own paths to a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

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