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Farrah Storr and Lynne Franks | June 2017 | Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club

1st June 2017




This month’s event will welcome the editor of Cosmopolitan UK, Farrah Storr and the pioneer of modern day PR,  Lynne Franks.

Farrah Storr is widely respected as the Cosmopolitan magazine editor who lead the resurgence of the heritage brand through a dramatic new look and the introduction of unique content. Farrah is internationally recognised as a leading authority on print and digital publishing, fashion, branding, international and current affairs and lifestyle as an author and journalist. Farrah will be speaking on topics such as leadershipbranding, diversitywomen in business and her new book which is due to be released in September this year ‘Finding Your Discomfort Zone’.

Lynne Franks is recognised as the pioneer of modern-day PR – she created London Fashion Week, inspired the world’s largest Aids/HIV fundraiser and launched Green Consumer Week. As a major influencer in global fashion, Lynne has worked with the elite in designer talent, entrepreneurs, global corporates and innovative retailers. She has a world vision based on gender equality and a co-operative society and is highly regarded as a global futurist, thought leader and change maker. Lynne will be speaking on brandingwomen’s enterprise, gender equalityleadership, social trends and sustainability in life and business. Lynne’s forthcoming book The Power Of Seven is aimed at women and approaches the transition into leadership roles in their lives and their communities.

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