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Election Special | May 2017 | Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club

12th May 2017




Apart from being a great start to your business day, the Breakfast Club gives you the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s greatest public speakers and to ask them the questions you’ve been dying to ask.

In the run-up to the June 8th general election our guests Henry Porter and Alistair Bunkall will converge and explore the importance of an engaged population, where the voices of all demographics are accounted for. There will be also be a prominent activist joining us as a special guest for this event. They will wade through the misinformation and campaign rhetoric to reiterate the call for well-informed voters.

We are a nation in need of a clear direction, which option can see this through?

Henry Porter is the UK editor of Vanity Fair, a successful novelist and journalist specialising in liberty and civil rights. He is also the founder of The Convention, a debate that focuses on the deep impacts of Brexit, and the danger to democratic and liberal values posed by the political crash in the West.

Alistair Bunkall (Chairman) is without doubt one of the country’s finest broadcasters. Between 2010-11 he was Sky News’ Business Correspondent, where he was tasked with reporting on the Eurozone crisis. 2014 saw Alistair become the first person to conduct an English language interview with a North Korean senior official. Since then he has been The Defence Correspondent for Sky News and is a regular contributor for The Telegraph, Spectator, Evening Standard. He is the natural chair to the Kruger Cowne pre-election Breakfast Club.

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