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Freya Aspinall

Conservationist, Influencer & Model

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Freya Aspinall

Freya Air Aspinall is an influential conservationist and model, and the only woman in the world to go in with Silverback Gorillas.

As the daughter of Damian Aspinall, a prominent conservationist, businessman and Chairman of internationally renowned animal conservation charity, The Aspinall Foundation, Freya has found herself uniquely placed to bring an awareness to her generation on the importance of rewilding, the truth about zoos and the welfare of animals in captivity.

The Aspinall Foundation runs the most ambitious rewilding program in the world to date. Over 600 animals have been rescued and rewilded including Elephants, Gorillas, Cheetah, Rhino, Gibbons, Langurs, Lions, Hyena, Bison, Serval, Jackal, Crocodiles and many more. There is no other organisation in the world attempting these projects and Freya considers it her life’s mission to champion this essential work while forging a path of her own.

Having already reached over 80-million people worldwide on her social media platforms, Freya is determined to save as many wild animals as possible while inspiring her peers to do the same.

‘I have lived with animals my whole life and have been able to develop completely natural relationships with them. No training, no taming – bonds built on pure love and trust.

Wild animals belong in the wild and I will not rest until I have saved as many of them as possible.’

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