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A healthy start to the New Year’s first Breakfast Club

20th January 2017

Following the many indulgences of Christmas and New Year, our first Breakfast Club of 2017 took on an appropriately healthy theme as chef Dale Pinnock and juicing guru Kara Rosen took to the stage to discuss their careers and showcase their recently published books.

Kara spoke about the reoccurring strep throat which blighted her whilst living in America, which led to her visiting a holistic nutritionist who gave her some bad news, “The antibiotics I had been on for years had destroyed my gut.” The therapist recommended a juice cleanse.
Moving from the US to the UK, she found it impossible to find the cold pressed juices she had grown to love in the US, so decided to take matters into her own hands, making her own juices and nut milks, which led to the birth of the Plenish brand.
Kara had a strong vision for the brand, “The dream was to never have a small, little business; it was world domination.” The climb to the top wasn’t without problems though, a shelf life of three days meant that big shops weren’t inclined to stock her products due to potential wastage. She revealed that she overcame this issue by using cutting edge technology involving high pressure as opposed to pasteurising.

Dale revealed that his problem with acne when he was younger led to him investigating dietary changes for a solution. When this proved effective, he furthered his knowledge with a degree in Human Nutrition, a degree in Herbal Medicine and a post graduate diploma in Nutritional Medicine, giving him the benefit of understanding the importance of nutrition beyond that of a normal chef.
When asked about the importance of nutrition in mental health, he responded, “The brain is a physiological system, it’s just as much a physiological system as the circulatory system and as such it has it’s own specific dietary needs, and if those aren’t met there will be elements of physiology affected.”
Dale spoke of his two mantras to help people to cook healthy, nutritious food for themselves, “Real food does not contain ingredients. Real food IS ingredients.” and “If it ran, it swam, or it grew… then eat it!”

He also announced that he would be opening his first restaurant, SANO, later this year.

Both Kara and Dale are available for public and motivational speaking, demonstrations and more, please contact the Kruger Cowne team for more information.

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