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International Men’s Day (IMD) 2023

26th October 2023

International Men’s Day (IMD) 2023: Celebrate with the Best Speakers for Your Event

International Men’s Day (IMD), observed on November 19th annually, provides an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the positive contributions of men around the world. It also raises awareness of various issues affecting men, such as mental health, toxic masculinity and men’s role in the family and society. The day is dedicated to improving men’s health, promoting positive male role models and encouraging open conversations about masculinity. Hosting an event with the right keynote speaker can be an excellent way to celebrate and discuss the various themes associated with IMD.


Why Hosting an International Men’s Day Event is Important

International Men’s Day is about recognising the positive value men bring to the world, their families and their communities. It is also an opportunity to address the challenges men face and encourage conversations about topics that are often stigmatised or not discussed openly, such as mental health, vulnerability and masculinity. Hosting an event with a focus on these issues can foster understanding, encourage support and promote a healthier view of masculinity for all.


Key Themes to Address

There are several key themes associated with International Men’s Day that can be addressed in your event:

  • 1. Positive Role Models:

Celebrating the contributions of positive male role models who break the stereotypes associated with masculinity and demonstrate that men can be caring, empathetic and nurturing.

  • 2. Men’s Mental Health:

Addressing the stigma around mental health for men and encouraging open conversations about the importance of mental well-being and seeking help when needed.

  • 3. Challenging Stereotypes:

Discussing the negative impact of toxic masculinity and stereotypes that pressure men to conform to certain behaviours and attitudes and exploring ways to challenge these harmful notions.

  • 4. Promoting Healthy Relationships:

Highlighting the importance of fostering healthy relationships based on mutual respect, communication and equality.


Selecting the Right Speaker for Your Event

Choosing a speaker who resonates with your audience is crucial for the success of your event. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • 1. Expertise: Choose a speaker with a strong background in the topics you want to address, whether it’s men’s health, mental health, relationships, or masculinity.
  • 2. Relevance: Select a speaker who can tailor their presentation to your audience’s needs and interests.
  • 3. Engagement: Look for a speaker who can deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation that captivates your audience.
  • 4. Track Record: Opt for a speaker with a proven track record of successful speaking engagements and the ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Prominent Speakers for International Men’s Day

Here are some renowned speakers who have spoken about topics relevant to International Men’s Day:

  • 1. Lord Alan Sugar: As a successful business magnate and television personality, Lord Alan Sugar speaks about the value of hard work, determination and perseverance. His rise from humble beginnings to a self-made multi-millionaire serves as an inspiration to men and reflects the importance of resilience and tenacity in achieving success.
  • 2. Piers Morgan: As a well-known journalist and television host, Piers Morgan is known for his unfiltered opinions and insights into current affairs, politics and the media. He brings a strong voice to the challenges men face in today’s society and sparks debates about masculinity, social issues and cultural expectations.
  • 3. Sir Bob Geldof: As a musician, political activist and humanitarian, Sir Bob Geldof addresses social and political issues with passion and conviction. His dedication to raising awareness and fighting for social justice inspires men to take action, make a difference and break free from traditional stereotypes of masculinity.
  • 4. Anthony Joshua: As a world-class boxer and Olympic gold medalist, Anthony Joshua speaks about the importance of discipline, determination and maintaining a positive mindset. He serves as a role model for men, showcasing the power of hard work, dedication and overcoming obstacles to achieve greatness.
  • 5. Bear Grylls: As a former SAS serviceman, survival instructor and television host, Bear Grylls shares his experiences of resilience, survival and leadership in the face of adversity. He inspires men to embrace their adventurous spirit, build mental toughness and develop a strong sense of self-reliance.

These speakers bring a wealth of experience and insight to International Men’s Day, addressing topics such as leadership, resilience, social justice and challenging stereotypes. They inspire and encourage men to break free from societal expectations and embrace their individuality, strength and potential.


Why Choose Kruger Cowne for Your IMD Speaker Needs?

With over 25 years of experience, Kruger Cowne is a trusted provider of exceptional keynote speakers for events worldwide. Our diverse roster comprises speakers from various backgrounds and disciplines, ensuring a broad range of expertise and perspectives.

We prioritise understanding your event objectives and audience needs, offering tailored recommendations and support throughout the booking process. As an accredited member of the International Association of Speaker Bureaus, we uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

When you choose Kruger Cowne for your International Men’s Day speaker, you benefit from:

  • Extensive Roster:

Our network comprises International Men’s Day speakers from diverse industries and backgrounds, ensuring a wide range of expertise and perspectives. From industry leaders and experts to renowned academics and influential figures, we have the perfect International Men’s Day speaker to inspire your audience.

  • Personalised Service:

We prioritise understanding our clients’ objectives and preferences to find the ideal match for their events. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients, offering tailored recommendations and support throughout the booking process. From the initial inquiry to the event itself, we ensure a seamless and personalised experience.

  • Quality Assurance:

As an accredited member of the International Association of Speaker Bureaus, we maintain the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our International Men’s Day speakers undergo a meticulous selection process based on their expertise, presentation skills and ability to engage and inspire audiences. When you choose Kruger Cowne, you can expect exceptional presentations that deeply resonate with your audience.

  • Global Reach:

With a global network of speakers, we cater to clients across diverse industries and regions. This global reach allows us to provide speakers with in-depth knowledge of regional markets and cultural nuances, enhancing the relevance and impact of their messages.

  • Pricing and Booking:

We offer competitive pricing based on factors such as the speaker’s profile, experience and event requirements. Our team provides transparent and comprehensive information about fees and works closely with clients to ensure a smooth booking process, taking care of logistics, contracts and speaker arrangements.

Choose Kruger Cowne as your trusted partner in sourcing the perfect International Men’s Day speaker for your event. With our exceptional speakers and personalised service, we are committed to helping you create an impactful and unforgettable experience for your audience. Contact us today to discuss your International Men’s Day speaker requirements and let us assist you in finding the ideal speaker who can elevate your event to new heights.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire an International Men’s Day Speaker and How Do I Book One?

The cost of hiring an International Men’s Day speaker varies depending on factors such as their expertise, reputation, event duration, location and travel requirements. Reach out to our team at Kruger Cowne to obtain accurate quotes and streamline the booking process. We work closely with you to understand your event needs and connect you with the perfect International Men’s Day speaker to deliver an inspiring and impactful presentation.

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