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25th April 2014

Kruger Cowne client, Jeremy Gilley, the Social Entrepreneur on his way into this History Books as one of the forefathers of World Peace. A strong statement perhaps, but backed up by real figures; Jeremy has raised the global presence of his peace-based Charity, “Peace One Day”, to such an extent that over 470 million people are now aware of the day (according to the McKinsey Report).

Jeremy has successfully instated Peace Day as the 21st September of each year, a day where everyone partakes in a global ceasefire and day of non-violence. Jeremy hopes that someday, of course, the event will last longer than one day, but in achieveing what he has to date, he has already saved the lives of thousands of people, sick people in or surrounded by war would not normally have been reachable, but because of Peace Day, vaccines and resources could be sent in and administered without danger or loss of life.

And now, Jeremy Gilley has had such success in putting Peace One Day on the map that the renowned Marketing Week Magazine has published a lengthy article on Jeremy and his impressive approach to marketing his brand.

The articel is available to view here.

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