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Jérôme Jarre

Entrepreneur & Social Media Pioneer

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Jérôme Jarre

Jerome Jarre is a pioneer of social media influence.

In 2012 he created in NYC the first talent agency for mobile content creators “GrapeStory” with co-founder Gary Vaynerchuk. They represent the top 30 creators from Vine and Snapchat and pioneer how to advertise on those platforms.

In parallel Jerome excels in his own video creation, with 8 million followers on Vine to his name and becoming the first person to reach 1 million followers on Snapchat.

In 2017 Jerome creates the initiative Love Army to bring relief to the famine in Somalia. Together with over 50 creators from all fields they obtained free airplanes from an airline, and raised 2.7M dollars online, in what remained one of the most successful collective efforts made by online creators. In Somalia, Jerome and his team initiated a direct-cash transfer program destined to support and empower local women and villages.

Since this life changing journey Jerome has been focusing on real life connections and real life social experiences. He is currently shooting a documentary. He loves to give conferences where his improv style combined with the depth of his experiences gives energy even to the most serious audiences.

What makes Mr. Jarre so loved by his fans (he likes to call them “friends,” saying that “fans” sounds too hierarchical) is that he is relentlessly positive. There is rarely a photo or video of him in which he is not grinning from ear to ear. The messages he espouses — sometimes in videos, other times in all caps — are meant to inspire kids who have been bullied or are insecure.

The New York Times

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