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Joanne Lockwood

Inclusive Culture Expert

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Joanne Lockwood

Who is Joanne Lockwood?

Joanne is an established Keynote Speaker and authority in the realms of Inclusion & Belonging, with a rich background in IT/STEM and a transition to HR/People consulting. Her approach blends professional acumen with personal insights, offering a unique perspective that is both engaging and enlightening.

Why work with Joanne?

  • Expertise: Extensive experience in keynote speaking, consulting, and facilitating workshops focused on inclusivity, belonging, and equity.
  • Authenticity: Personal experiences enriching her professional insights, offering a unique and relatable perspective.
  • Engagement: Known for her relaxed, humorous, and warm style, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable.
  • Global Reach: Experience working globally, both in person and online, catering to diverse audiences.

Actionable Insights

  • Think Differently: Shift your mindset to see diversity as a strength. Enhance your Emotional and Cultural Intelligence to appreciate diverse viewpoints and challenge biases. This rethinking sets the stage for innovative and inclusive decision-making.
  • Feel Differently: Learn the role of empathy in leadership to understand and respect diverse experiences. This session focuses on building emotional connections and fostering open communication, crucial for a trusting and inclusive team environment.
  • Act Differently: Discover actionable inclusive behaviours. Learn to value diverse perspectives and implement sustainable practices for a long-term inclusive culture, ensuring organisational success and member satisfaction.

"Joanne and Marie gave a wonderful and heartfelt speaker session at ManyPets last week - to continue our Pride celebrations and shine a light on transgender issues across our global business. Both Joanne and Marie were succinct, open, and inspirational and it was fascinating to hear of her journey from both sides of their relationship. I'd have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in my network who is looking to raise awareness and understand more about how we can all be allies to people in the trans community. Thank you again for your time!"

Jennifer Gabrielle - Talent Acquisition at ManyPets

"By chance, I just happened to meet Joanne Lockwood just before I delivered my talk at the People Power conference. Joanne kindly stayed for my talk so out of courtesy I thought it only polite to do the same. I arrogantly however, thought I pretty much knew most things about Diversity and Inclusion so thought it would be interesting, because Joanne seemed lovely and interesting, but if I'm to be totally honest... I didn't think I'd learn anything new. My goodness how wrong could I be!!!!! Not only did Joanne open my eyes to so many things I hadn't considered before but I also don't remember feeling so inspired by a speaker who can turn a subject about something we all think we know more than we actually do, into something so interesting, clever and moving! So, a massive thank you to you Joanne, I'm so lucky and grateful that I just so happened to sit next to you!"

Lysa Morrison - Strategic HR Management at The Shiny Happy People

"Straight out of an engaging inclusion session with the fabulous Joanne Lockwood, such a calm influencer on such an emotive subject, managed to get our entire management team listening and learning about all thing’s equality, can’t recommend Joanne enough… helping us put our learning into meaningful action and educating us all the way… you rock Joanne."

Katherine McGough - Head of People Services at North Star Housing Group

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