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Kruger Cowne welcomes the Cereal Killer Cafe founders

15th January 2015

We are excited to welcome founders of the Cereal Killer Café to the Kruger Cowne family. Bursting onto the pop-culture scene and causing a media storm the world over, the duo behind the Brick Lane eatery have already garnered widespread international media coverage.

With the café keen to build upon their success and expand their brand, Kruger Cowne will be handling the identical twin’s branding, licensing and speaking rights.

32 year old Alan and Gary Keery decided to fill the gap in the restaurant market for breakfast cereal and opened their first café in the heart of London’s East End. The duo behind the inspired business are now available for speaking engagements, public appearances and branding and licencing deals. For an immediate response just click here.

For more information on Alan and Gary Keery please click here.

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