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Louise Troen

Global Brand Marketing Strategist

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Louise Troen

Louise Troen is a leader in brand marketing and strategic communications, known for her impactful work with prominent companies like Bumble, Airbnb, and Headspace. With her extensive experience, Louise not only drives positive change within consumer-first businesses but also shares her insights as an inspiring speaker.

Passionate about the power of brand, Louise’s speaking engagements revolve around its transformative potential in creating a better world. Drawing from her vast experience working with mission-driven companies, she highlights the value of scaling purpose-first businesses that achieve both social impact and commercial profitability. Louise’s particular emphasis lies in community-first approaches, showcasing how technology can be harnessed for good within this framework.

Additionally, Louise dives into the power of an inside-out approach to leadership, emphasizing the importance of compassion and integrity in fostering an empowered workforce. By aligning employees with a shared mission and goal, she explores strategies for galvanizing teams towards success.

With a deep interest in the fast-paced and ever-changing marketing landscape, Louise shares her vision for the future of marketing and communications. From bidding farewell to traditional performance marketing to embracing the era of social impact, she offers valuable insights into the evolving marketing landscape over the next few years.

Beyond her speaking engagements, Louise is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Reveri, where she continues to drive brand marketing and strategic communications in the consumer landscape. Her entrepreneurial mindset and creative approach, coupled with a decade of experience, have positioned her as an authority on consumer behavior, brand building, and technological innovation.

Louise Troen’s dedication to empowering brands for a better world is evident in both her professional achievements and her compelling speaking engagements. By combining strategic expertise with a passion for positive change, she inspires audiences and organizations alike to harness the power of brand in driving meaningful impact.

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