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Oscar O’Connor

Internationally Recognised Expert On Information/Cyber Security & Resilience

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Oscar O’Connor

Oscar O’Connor is an internationally recognised expert and speaker in information/cyber security and resilience, working with clients to deliver value and societal benefit from their investments in technology and cybersecurity.

With more than 20 years experience as an executive and non-executive director, charity trustee and board advisor in both private and public sectors, Oscar provides practical and achievable direction on addressing cybersecurity, privacy and information technology risks at the individual, organisational and societal levels, with long-term, sustainable solutions.

His career highlights include acting as Trustee for The Web of Hope, COO of Security Risk Management Ltd, NED for Perspective Risk Ltd, Director of Oxford Joint Analysis, Board Advisor for the Oxford Trust and the Cyber Security Challenge UK and member of the Ethics Advisory Board for Profusion Ltd.

Oscar is all about customer success and has a passion for ensuring customers get what they need from the technology products and services they invest so heavily in.

Oscar is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security and the Business Continuity Institute, a Charted Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, Fellow of the RSA, Certified Information Security Manager and Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer.




  • Transformation
    How companies can make a difference (instead of just delivering stuff).
    The place of emotional intelligence and empathy in programme management.
  • Risk
    Why “risk” is not just a four letter word – what to be aware of and what maybe coming around the corner?
    Why the ability to detect that a risk has occurred is at least as important as its likelihood.
  • Safety & Security online
    Learning to stay sane when bombarded with spam.
  • Social Responsibility & Sustainability
    Balancing the need for connectivity and ICT against environmental impact of industrial scale energy consumption.
    Business in general, and cybersecurity in particular, as a force for good.
  • Cybersecurity
    Security and Resilience post COVID – how prepared are you?
    Who IS responsible and who should be? (CIO/CISO/CRO?)
  • Resilience
    What does Resilience mean in an interconnected world?
  • Security Awareness
    Are we too focused on the end user?
    What does the C-Suite need to understand?

Oscar is a charismatic leader who has always been inspiring and great to work with. Oscar has a unique gift of being able to blend pragmatism, technology and business fundamentals. He is every customer's delight with approachable persona, innovative solutions and commitment to satisfy.


Oscar is a driving force in the development of new products and services in the cyber security arena. A very capable and communicative leader.


Oscar's incisive mind, allied to his wide range of experience, enables him to bring both scientific and practical viewpoints to any assignment he is faced with.


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