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PEROU launches EDICT magazine

12th May 2014

We were proud to be a part of the intimate launch of EDICT Magazine at the indie studio, Bow Bunker. The crowd rolled in, two or three at a time, into the darkened room, lit only by a stage light and a few bulbs behind the bar at the back.

Everyone was thrilled to be there and moreover, everyone was taken aback by the genuine quality of print, composition, creativity and originality that went into EDICT and its launch, especially considering the hidden gem, Cousin Marnie, who played some of her epic tunes for us as we watched on, mesmerised.

EDICT magazine is not available online, nor are any images of it’s cover or pages set to appear anytime soon, so if you want to see it or read it, you have to walk into a store and buy it!

It’s worth it though.

Congratulations Perou!

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