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Phillippa (Pip) Claire Stewart

Adventurer and Author

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Phillippa (Pip) Claire Stewart

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with Pip Stewart, a fearless explorer who has cycled halfway around the world, reported on deforestation in Brazil and Peru and completed a world-first paddle through the Amazon Jungle.

As the former Adventure Editor for Red Bull and the author of the enlightening “Life Lessons from the Amazon,” Pip’s adventures extend far beyond the physical realm, delving into the realm of advocacy for neglected tropical diseases.

During one of her daring escapades, Pip found herself face to face with a flesh-eating parasite, an encounter that propelled her into a passionate campaign to raise awareness about neglected tropical diseases such as leishmaniasis.

Through her captivating narratives, infused with wit and candour, Pip shares how her adventures have not only shaped her mindset but also cultivated a deep appreciation for teamwork, resilience, and the importance of embracing failure as a catalyst for growth – invaluable insights that resonate profoundly in everyday life.

Yet, Pip’s endeavours are not confined solely to the wild terrains she traverses – she is also a devoted mother of two, on a mission to demonstrate that parenthood is not a barrier to exploration. From embarking on epic journeys like walking The Cotswold Way with her six-month-old to planning ambitious treks across Scotland, Pip proves that the spirit of adventure knows no boundaries.

Driven by her steadfast belief that everyone has something to teach, Pip thrives on engaging with diverse audiences, tailoring her talks to captivate and inspire wherever she goes.

Pip truly believes that we are all more capable than we think. Her goal is that those who listen to her talks (told with humour and honesty) will leave with a feeling that life is beautiful, life is fragile, and a desire to embrace it.

One of her core beliefs is that everyone can teach you something. Her favourite bit of any talk is a Q&A with the audience (she loves to know what you are interested in too!).

Over the years she’s shared learnings and swapped stories with people from around the world. From Buckingham Palace to schools, to board rooms (as opposed to bored rooms) to festival stages – she’s spoken both at home and internationally and will always tailor her talks to who she’s addressing.

However, her favourite ever audience was at her daughter’s nursery where questions included: “Can spiders swim in jelly?” and feedback consisted of: “Mummy, I love you. Even on Saturdays.”

If you’re seeking profound insights on resilience, overcoming adversity, or simply an enthralling storytelling experience, Pip Stewart offers a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary.

Book Pip today to have her share her enriching perspectives with your organisation or event – she’s eager to connect, inspire, and ignite a spark of adventure in all who listen.

Pip is an engaging speaker who draws you in from the start with her energy and passion for pushing the boundaries of adventure. She gave a riveting and true-to-life account to a gripped Scientific Exploration Society audience of her incredible three-month kayaking adventure through Guyana's unexplored jungle terrain. She shared learnings that brought inspiration to how one might approach life and travel.

Henrietta Thorpe - CEO @ The Scientific Exploration Society

Pip provided a drop in sustainability lunch and learn session via ZOOM to our employee base, sharing the trials and tribulations of her and her friends Amazonian adventures. Pip’s presentation was absolutely fantastic, ultimately captivating and inspirational, from the sharing of eye opening, teeth gritting stories Pip helped our employees feel her emotional journey and realise the human impact of business operations within a vital ecosystem. Our employees very much enjoyed this event, we thank Pip for the sharing of her passionate recollections and look forward to working together again very soon.

Jennifer Hirst - Sustainability Lead @ Cummins.

Pip captivated and opened the minds of the Adventure Travel Show with tales of her Amazonian adventures. Described as "raw and authentic" by our visitors, Pip's passion for mindful travel brought a new dimension to the talk theatre and empowered those looking to embark on their own incredible journey.

Katie Burgess - The Adventure Travel Show Organiser

Thank you so much for kicking off last night with an ace talk. It was fun, human, natural and inspiring. You did a great job. Thank you!

Alastair Humphreys - Night of Adventure organiser

I invited Pip to talk to a group of our clients in Beijing during the China leg of her Kuala Lumpur to London cycling adventure. She was excellent! The audience really enjoyed listening to the fun stories from the trip. She left them inspired and wanting to do their own adventures.

Kehinde Komolafe - Founder and Head @ Nurture Group

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