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Poppy Jamie

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing Speaker

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Poppy Jamie

Poppy Jamie is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, podcast hosts and speakers in the mental wellbeing and mindfulness space, on a mission to democratise conversation and tools for emotional and mental health. Poppy is the founder of the award winning Happy Not Perfect mindset app, host of the chart topping Not Perfect podcast and author of Happy Not Perfect: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts and Free Yourself From Anxiety. 

At 19, while still studying at the London School of Economics, Poppy Jamie became the youngest entertainment presenter at ITN, the UK’s largest TV news organisation.

By 23, she moved to Los Angeles to work for MTV International, ITV2 and Extra, and went on to launch Snapchat’s first ever talk show, “Pillow Talk with Poppy,” for an audience of over 100 million.

At 25, Poppy founded the accessories brand Pop & Suki with her best friend, model/actor Suki Waterhouse. The company’s mission, along with selling bags, is to celebrate friendship and women working together. Because of Pop & Suki’s success, Forbes named Poppy one of 2017’s “30 Under 30.”

By 26, Poppy was inspired by messages from emotionally overwhelmed viewers of “Pillow Talk” and her own experience with chronic anxiety and burnout, to create her second company, Happy Not Perfect, a mental wellness app and its corresponding product line. Happy Not Perfect looks at mindfulness in a new way, by using brain science and technology to help users feel happier, calmer and less anxious. Inspired by Poppy’s mother, a neuroscientist, and based on the research behind happiness, Happy Not Perfect guides its 100,000 users to care about their brains and thoughts with the same vigilance they tend to their faces and bodies.

By 27, Poppy was appointed as the youngest member of UCLA’s Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital advisory board to consult on the wellbeing of students. As a burgeoning mindfulness expert, she’s taken part at the first mental health talk series at Cambridge University, lectured at the UCLA Wow Summit on brain health, given a TEDxTalk “Addicted to Likes” about the psychological impact of social media and technology and how to reverse the damage. As a speaker, Poppy has huge crossover appeal. She’s run scores of Happiness Workshops for thousands of people at the New York Times, Lululemon, Charlotte Tilbury, college campuses and corporate retreats all over the US and UK.

At 28, the success of Happy Not Perfect and Poppy’s activist work in mental health earned her a “Points of Light Award,” handed to her by then Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street. In a personal letter to Poppy, May wrote, “Through ‘Happy Not Perfect’ you have created an innovative community to help people understand and manage their wellbeing. You should feel very proud of opening up conversations about this important issue and I wish you the best in your continued work.”

At 29, Poppy launched her chart topping Not Perfect podcast, a weekly show interviewing leading experts in the field of mental health, human performance, spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs to help listeners unlock their own potential. Past guests include Dr Rick Hanson, Dr James Doty, Dr Ramani, Dr Christiane Northrup, Peter Crone, Julianne Hough, Molly Howes, Moby, Dr Raj Persuad, New York Times Best Selling author Lori Gottlieb and many more.

At 30, Poppy released her first book, Happy Not Perfect: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts and Free Yourself From Anxiety that collates years of work and research into one simple guide that teachers readers about FLEXIBLE THINKING.

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