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Sara Bell

CEO, TV Producer, Environmental Speaker & Entertainer

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Sara Bell

Sara is a powerful speaker who weaves storytelling into the economics of climate change providing insights into why we are not solving climate change and providing a novel and creative way forward that audiences can buy into. Sara grew up in Sweden surrounded by nature. After a childhood spent roaming in forests in what was then one of the most egalitarian country in the world, the move to England at the age of 11 was a shock. Sara traces her ability to thrive in the lonely life as an entrepreneur to the cultural alienation she experienced as a child. Sara’s climate experience spans carbon markets, clean tech, sustainable fashion, Tv and energy policy. Sara is creating climate entertainment through embedding climate change in the narrative of all RIISE TV projects. She has a profound understanding of energy policy and indeed the legal challenge she launched the EU courts in 2014 changed the course of EU energy policy. A passionate entertainer, Sara has a strong sense of the absurd and intertwines humour into all her presentations.


As CEO of RIISE Sara has created an integrated media and e-commerce company that uses entertainment to repower global economies to solve climate change. Sara is Executive Producer of two climate TV shows and in creative development for a further 3 shows. RIISE is a unique brand and Sara can speak knowledgably on creating corporate culture. RIISE has a unique approach to ensuring women continue to build powerful careers after they become mothers. Sara has singlehandedly raised 3 children and credits a significant part of her own personal development to internal changes she made on becoming a parent.

In her spare time Sara is a keen supporter of the visual arts, a passionate sailor and stays fit by cycling, running and swimming maintaining that fitness is key to strong mental health.

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