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Stuart St Paul

Crime Novelist, Award-Winning Movie Director & Former Stuntman

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Stuart St Paul

Born in the East End of London in the fifties, and not knowing he had dyslexia, this class clown and storyteller was predicted to become a writer despite being in the stream 6 for English. Although he failed academically and became an athlete, his love of pirate radio saw him become a DJ. At seventeen he was hired by Eric Morley at Mecca, to be resident at the Lyceum Ballroom (theatre) and the Empire Leicester Sq and he soon after joined the BBC training as a broadcaster. His radio debut was on Radio London, although stationed at Radio 1 where he never got on the air. He moved to Metro Radio, Newcastle, where he took over the breakfast show, he then transferred to Radio Orwell to take over the Steve Wright show when Steve moved to Radio 1. Whilst waiting to move back to the BBC, Stuart was offered the role as the DJ Dave Farrell, in television’s twice weekly soap Radio Phoenix. He never went back to radio… Video had killed the radio star.

Not inspired by his many acting roles, he became a stuntman to get into major A-list movies and joined the James Bond 007 team at Pinewood. The 1980s opened up the million-dollar pop video phenomenon, and he made many iconic videos from Duran Duran’s Wild Boy’s, to working with Elton John, and becoming a producer at Queen’s film company Fugitive where he made The Krays movie with the Kemp brothers.

He did his last job as a stunt performer for James Cameron, interpreting films’ legendary monster the Queen Alien.

Stuart went from stunt coordinator, to second unit director, and then to movie director. He has worked all over the world, from the Wadi Rum in Jordan, to Thailand, to Eastern Europe.

Just after his sixtieth birthday on a film set in Hungary, standing next to a camera away from the action, an explosion hit him. Whilst awaiting major brain surgery, he began to write as part of the therapy. He now travels the world lecturing on opportunity, sliding doors, and the need to find what superpower each of us can offer the world. His books have occasionally hit the number one spot on Amazon and there are now 8 books in the CSCI series. They have won awards from finalist at the Cambridge Script Festival to being a winner at the LA Neo Noir Festival. The list of people that he has worked with and collaborated with over the years is as endless as the stories he has to tell.

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