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Tilly Lockey

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Tilly Lockey

When she was born, Tilly Lockey was a perfectly healthy baby, but when she became 15-months-old she came up in a rash. She had contracted a severe strain of meningococcal septicaemia. Tilly was rushed to the hospital where she was given 0% chance of survival, described as ‘the worst case the hospital had ever seen’. But, after one week in intensive care, three weeks in recovery, a secondary infection and ten blood transfusions Tilly managed to survive against the odds. The doctors were required to amputate her arms. It was said by everyone who saw her that she must’ve survived for a reason, and she is only proving that to be true.

Adapting to a world that wasn’t meant for her body, Tilly experienced many challenges and hardship, but is the first to advocate for the importance of one’s mindset when it comes to determination. Not soon after she relearned to walk, she was experimenting with prosthetics – ones that weren’t very functional, but incredibly realistic. The stigma of differences being something to hide away was one that surfaced at a very young age for Tilly; the origin of her message and work today to showcase prosthetics in a beautiful light, accessorising them as something to be proud of across runways, TV and social media.

Now at 18, Tilly has grown to be a remarkable young woman with a unique story of transformation. She is a motivational speaker, social media star, presenter, model, advocate, and role model to people of all ages, as well as being an active ambassador and co-developer of the Hero Arm, the 3D-printed bionic arms which she wears produced by groundbreaking prosthetic company, Open Bionics.

Tilly offers a unique perspective as somebody directly impacted by technology and its exponential growth, wearing it every day. She acts as the guinea pig, giving honest and crucial feedback to make this tech the best it can possibly be for herself and others all around the world and, in her words she “Will not stop until this tech matches what we see in the science fiction.”

Tilly is a versatile speaker who can shed light on all thing’s adversity, empowerment, technology, innovation and so much more. Speaking since she was 10 years old, Q&A’s, panels, debates, and presentations, she is experienced in her craft and sparkles at what the future might bring.

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