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Ali Borhani

Strategist, Chief Contrarian Officer & Storyteller

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Ali Borhani

Ali has 30 years’ experience taking macro-geopolitical influenced creative commercial strategy to the boardrooms of world-leading organisations. He is also known for unveiling the mysteries and opportunities that West Asia, the Middle East, Iran, China and the BRI (Belt Road Initiative) bring to many Blue Chips such as J&J, Gavi, Colgate Palmolive, GSK, Family Enterprise Foundation, Lindt & Sprüngli and Savola.

Ali is a storyteller, with a knack for dissecting a plethora of complex issues and knowledge into bite-size actionable chunks. He is constantly engaging and understands that delivery is as important as the content.

A Canadian with Persian roots who has lived on three continents, and a polymath who transcends cultures and connects the dots between “multiple truths”. Described as a Chief Welding Officer, Ali creates meaningful connections between policies and people, acting as a navigator in the complex and often overlaped webs of business and geopolitics.

Ali co-founded the BRI Dialogues with renown Durham University, and hosts talks with the experts, decision makers and leading academics to examine, discuss and dissect China’s Belt Road Initiative. BRI Dialogues supports key decision makers on how to COPE: how to deal with Complexities; capitalise on Opportunities; understand her return to Power, and brace for the impact of Externalities of China ©.

Ali sees things from multiple perspectives, offering alternative positions to fuel conversation and enabling coalescence to a well-rounded view.

He believes senior decision makers spend too little time on creative, unconventional and critical thinking. When everything is always on fire, it’s hard to find the time to identify potential macro-causes. Ali forces and provokes such thinking and briging it to senior decision makers.

Ali has 1st hand experience in FMCG, Healthcare, Tech, Energy, Real Estate and Hospitality. He has mastered the art of turning the boardroom into a safe space for authentic action-based dialogue.

Ali likes nothing more than a lively and informed debate. Wherever possible his Keynotes include Q&A session and dialogue.

Ali’s interest in people is best summed up in the words of the world-renowned choreographer Pina Bausch:

“I’m not interested in how people move, but what moves them.”

Throughout the years, Ali has contributed as a speaker, panelist and also skilfully moderated many of the leading conferences and seminars that The Bench Events holds in Middle East and Africa for Sr. Executives and key decision makers in the hospitality industry.

Ali’s ability to transcend cultures, connect authentically with audience, complimented with his creative and contrarian thinking and thought provoking approach and elegant wit to issues that matter to the audience is exemplary.

Jonathan Worsley, Founder & Chairman – The Bench Events

According to Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the art of taxation consists of so plucking the goose as to get the maximum amount of feathers with the minimum amount of hissing. The art of the interviewer for a podcast is not dissimilar: to extract the maximum amount of information form the subject without causing any anguish. Ali Borhani is the master of this technique. His own encyclopaedic knowledge of world affairs and his understanding of the person he is interviewing makes him the ideal host, always finding exactly the right probing questions to ask, and never second-guessing the answers.”

Sir Graham Boyce, Sr. Advisor to Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Ali has assisted Clyde & Co LLP to prepare for and deliver several client-facing events to C-suite and other senior executives in which Ali has been the moderator or a presenter. In our experience, Ali has been very helpful in shaping the content of each event, the target audience and the format. He has been proactive, collaborative, enthusiastic and a positive force in every aspect of his interactions with the Firm.

As a presenter, Ali is engaging, entertaining and very articulate. He is entirely comfortable in front of an audience. As one attendee at an event observed “Ali should be a presenter on TV”.

Jonathan Silver, Partner – Clyde & Co.

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