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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Motivational Speaker in the UK?

28th May 2024

Driving motivation is crucial when organising a leadership seminar, fundraising gala, entrepreneurship conference, or any impactful event. A sought-after motivational speaker session is always a safe choice.

However, fee volatility in the public speaking industry may complicate your decision-making. As you search for a relevant and impactful speaker, you may encounter staggering fees charged by experienced, captivating speakers. For example, Sir Richard Branson is known for his £80,000 per engagement fee.

However, not every good speaker commands such high fees. Only elites with a business or political background require large budgets for a motivational speaker session, as they bring thought leadership, industry expertise, celebrity status, and business acumen to the stage.

Whether you need a motivational speaker for a multi-million-pound sales team or to boost morale among sports teams before a competition, several factors determine the cost of hiring a motivational speaker.

Let’s break it down to understand the cost of hiring a motivational speaker in the UK.

How Much Do Motivational Speakers Typically Charge in the UK?

To be precise, the average cost of hiring a motivational speaker in the UK varies between £2,000 – £20,000. The cost mainly varies according to the popularity, expertise, experience, and demand of the required speaker. But as we say:

“Don’t equate price with quality; excellence can be found at every price point.”

Need-based analysis and focused search get you the perfect fit for the motivational session of your event. From speaker specialisation to audience dynamics, your budget depends on multiple components.

For newbies or inexperienced event hosts it is difficult to get the best value for money – even for the pros as well. In such a situation, professional speaker bureaus come to the rescue and Kruger Cowne is one of the top choices in the UK with over 30 years of domain expertise.

Further Cost Breakdown

Affordable Motivational Speakers: £1,000 – £3,000

While the term “affordable or cheap” may suggest subpar quality, this price range encompasses some of the best, lesser-known speakers represented by Kruger Cowne. Depending on your audience, industry, and event objectives, this category can be an ideal choice.

This price bracket is also home to the trending stars of the motivational speaking circuit – charismatic and ambitious rising speakers who are poised to command much higher fees in the future. By booking them now, you can secure an engaging and insightful performance at a more accessible price point.

Some popular Kruger Cowne speakers in this category include:

Sharmadean Reid MBE – Entrepreneur and Founder of WAH Nails

Emma Lewisham – Founder of the sustainable skincare brand Emma Lewisham

Ben Alldis – Fitness & Wellness Specialist, Motivational Speaker

Corporate Motivational Speakers: £3,000 – £10,000

This price range is the most common for corporate and business events. Kruger Cowne’s speakers in this category are typically established circuit speakers, industry experts, and business celebrities, as well as sports stars, adventurers, and authors from the world of sports.

If you’re looking to engage a recognisable face and deliver a top-quality performance within a reasonable budget, the higher end of this fee range is where you’ll find the best value.

Some popular Kruger Cowne speakers in this category include:

Lord Sugar – Businessman, Investor, and TV Personality

Sir Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin Group

Baroness Karren Brady of Knightsbridge CBE – West Ham United Vice-Chairman

High-End Motivational Speakers: £10,000 – £30,000

While ex-politicians and business tycoons may command fees exceeding £30,000, the majority of celebrity and high-end circuit speakers represented by Kruger Cowne fall within this price range. If you’re aiming to fill a large venue, bringing in a “big name” motivational speaker is often the most effective approach.

Some popular Kruger Cowne speakers in this category include:

Baroness Arlene Foster – Broadcaster, Writer & Political Commentator

Katie Piper – Television Presenter, Philanthropist & Former Model

Ben Fogle – The Accidental Adventurer, Writer & Presenter

Remember, the best motivational speaker for your event is the one who resonates most with your audience, has a credible background, and has a proven track record of inspiring change. Kruger Cowne’s diverse roster of speakers offers wider expertise and experience to suit any event’s needs.

Disclaimer: Fees for motivational speakers may vary. Contact our agents for accurate, up-to-date quotes.

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Factors Influencing the Cost of Hiring a Motivational Speaker in the UK

When considering hiring a motivational speaker for an event in the UK, several key factors come into play that influence the fees ranging widely across the industry. Understanding these factors is crucial for event planners and organisers to make informed decisions and budget effectively

Let’s explore some of the specifics of what determines the fees associated with hiring a motivational speaker in the UK.

  • Speaker’s Experience & Reputation

Speaker’s credibility they’ve built over the years is an integral part of the cost equation. Renowned motivational speakers with a long-standing history of captivating audiences and driving tangible outcomes command premium fees.

Their established personal brand, industry accolades, and testimonials from past clients define their value, justifying the higher investment. Event organisers seeking to leverage the credibility and influence of a famous speaker must be prepared to allocate a more substantial portion of their budget to hire these high-profile individuals.

  • Event Scale & Audience Demographics

The scale and target audience of the event are equally important in determining the motivational speaker fee. Corporate conferences, non-profit galas, and educational summits each have distinct audience profiles and expectations, directly impacting the speaker’s value proposition.

Speakers adept at engaging senior-level executives at a large-scale corporate event may charge more than those catering to a smaller, niche audience. Additionally, the number of attendees is a crucial factor, as speakers often adjust their fees based on the potential reach and impact of their presentation.

  • Customisation & Preparation

The level of customisation and bespoke content development required from speaker significantly influence their fee structure.

Speakers who invest time and resources in thoroughly understanding the event’s objectives, tailoring their messaging, and crafting a unique presentation tend to command higher rates. This premium reflects the added value they bring through their ability to create a truly impactful and memorable experience for the audience, aligned with the event’s specific needs.

  • Travel & Logistics

The geographical location of the event and the associated travel requirements for the motivational speaker contribute to the overall cost. Speakers adjust their fees to account for factors such as transportation, accommodation, and any other logistical expenses incurred.

Events hosted in remote or hard-to-reach locations may necessitate a higher fee to compensate for the increased logistical complexities and the speaker’s time commitment.

  • Supplementary Services & Engagement Duration

Motivational speakers who offer additional services beyond the keynote presentation charge higher fees to reflect the expanded scope of their engagement. These supplementary offerings include pre-event workshops, post-event coaching sessions, media appearances, or the provision of customised resources and materials.

The duration of the speaker’s engagement, whether a single presentation or a multi-day event, also influences the overall cost, as longer commitments typically become more expensive.

  • Exclusivity & Availability

In the competitive public speaking sector, the exclusivity and availability of a speaker is a significant cost driver. Highly sought-after speakers with limited availability may charge premium fees to account for the scarcity of their time and the increased demand for their services.

Event organisers seeking to book a speaker on a specific date or during a peak season may need to allocate a more substantial budget to secure their participation.

  • Industry Expertise & Specialisation

The depth of a motivational speaker’s industry expertise and specialisation impact their charges. Speakers with niche knowledge, such as those with extensive experience in a particular sector or subject matter, may have higher rates due to the unique value they bring to the event. Their ability to provide tailored insights, case studies, and practical strategies that resonate with a specific audience justifies the premium associated with their services.


Without prior planning, need-based analysis, and professional consultation you can easily override the given budget for a motivational speaker session. Considering all crucial factors and action accordingly get you the best talent onboard and results in success. So, it’s better to plan and set a budget accordingly.

Hire a Motivational Speaker with ‘Zero’ Hassle

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