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Elfried Samba

Co-Founder & CEO at Butterfly 3ffect AND Chief Community Officer at Ioconic

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Elfried Samba

Elfried is a highly regarded speaker celebrated for his remarkable ability to captivate diverse audiences and offer profound insights into the world of branding, benefitting both individuals and organisations. Samba immigrated from D.R. Congo to the UK at age 14 before rising to prominence in the Social media through his work at global fitness brand, Gymshark.

In 2012 Samba wrote a thesis on how small to medium-sized brands could leverage social media to dethrone larger competitors. However, it was marked down due to a lack of Havard References. Following a successful seven years as Global Head of Social Content and Community at Gymshark, Samba’s thesis was proved correct, growing the sports apparel brand’s social media community from 1 Million to 20 million followers. This played a critical role in helping the brand achieve its “unicorn” £1 billion valuation while challenging the likes of Nike, Puma, and Lululemon. Samba teamed up with Social Chain AG founding team member, Michael Heaven in the spring of 2023 to launch Butterfly 3ffect, a creative house for diverse creators and brands with a challenger mindset.

Elfried’s fervent passion lies in sharing his knowledge and experiences with others, with the aspiration of inspiring them to recognise the tremendous potential of creating with a clear vision in mind.

What sets Elfried apart as a speaker is his exceptional ability to establish a profound connection with any audience. Whether he is addressing a room full of executives or a student gathering, Elfried has an innate talent for engrossing his listeners, making them feel as though he is speaking directly to them. He skillfully incorporates personal anecdotes and relatable life lessons into his presentations, effectively keeping his audiences engaged and facilitating a strong connection with his keynotes.

Elfried has played a pivotal role in guiding numerous companies and individuals to grasp the crucial significance of branding and how it can be leveraged to construct a robust, recognisable, and lucrative enterprise. His expertise has been sought after by esteemed organisations such as Sky, Ernst & Young (E&Y), Apple, Vodafone, and numerous other distinguished corporations.

In summary, Elfried is a renowned speaker known for his exceptional ability to engage audiences and provide profound insights into branding. His journey from Africa to the UK and his transformation from aspiring doctor to marketing enthusiast make his story compelling. Elfried’s passion for sharing knowledge and his unique ability to connect with diverse audiences distinguish him in the world of speaking. His contributions have been instrumental in helping businesses understand the importance of branding, and he has collaborated with top-tier organisations to enhance their brand strategies.

Elfried partnered with our client, Vodafone Business, as a guest on their insightful SME business leaders podcast ‘Learning Curve’, providing support and guidance for the nations small businesses. Not only did Elfried bring an endearing and charismatic presence to the conversation, but he offered a uniquely insightful perspective on how business can pivot in today’s world from the experience of a proven leader. His chemistry with our host, Michelle Kennedy, CEO & Founder of Peanut, created a captivating piece of content that contributed an unexpectedly high social results and rave reviews from senior stakeholders across Vodafone’s senior leadership. An absolute pleasure to work with, it won’t be long until he has his own Tv spot!

Rahul Titus - Global Head of Influence, Ogilvy

Elfried’s talk at Cannes was the highlight of the whole week and proof to me why the fringe events often trump the palais. Honest, straight talking and actionable, Elfried’s message of the importance of personal branding, ownership and networking left a long-lasting impact on me and the hundreds in attendance.

Ndu Uchea - CEO, Word On The Curb

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