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Emma Howarth

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Emma Howarth

Emma Howarth is on a mission to help you find magic right where you are. Because living a spiritually connected life doesn’t have to look like it does on Instagram. And we don’t all have the time, funds or freedom to escape reality on a quest for inner peace.

As a mystical guide with a day job, thought-leader on the school run and astrologer/tarot reader who’s had it up to here with the mental load, Emma knows that finding small ways to make life feel magical is the first step on a journey that will change your life. A journey she’s walking right alongside you because we’re better together.

At the end of 2017, Emma was a burnt out travel and lifestyle journalist searching for inner peace. She was all set to book herself a one-way ticket to Bali when she remembered she had two children, a husband and a job.

Instead she embarked on a year-long mystical adventure from the comfort of her own home – a year that changed everything. One you can read all about in A Year of Mystical Thinking: Make Life Feel Magical Again (Hay House, 2021) – a memoir about the year she tried a different spiritual practice every month in a bid to make life better.

Since then Emma has been on a mission to help other people find magic in their own lives. She writes a free twice-monthly newsletter filled with magical insights, runs down-to-earth guided moon ritual and story medicine sessions, speaks and runs workshops at events and festivals, and offers tarot and birth chart readings. She has a magical podcast in the works and her first – super inclusive and accessible – course launches in September 2023.

Emma is resident astrologer at Glamour UK – you can read her monthly horoscope column here – and her writing has also appeared in publications including Red, Psychologies, Telegraph, Metro, Project Calm and Metropolitan. Once upon a time she was an in-house editor at Time Out, worked at Time and Fortune magazines, and was digital and commissioning editor for parenting title Smallish.

Emma has worked with brands including Liberty London, Edge of Ember, Ottoman Hands and Onolla on astrology content and magical in-store events.

When she isn’t working she’s probably reading or drinking tea or trying to persuade her daughters’ that the 15-second song clip they love existed long before TikTok. She’s on a mission to make the mystical/spiritual world more accessible, relatable and applicable to real life (no perfect yoga poses here!) and seeks magic in the mundane every day.

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