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How to Hire Top Female Speakers for Your Next Event in UK

22nd May 2024

The need for more female representation in all spheres of society has grown along with an increasing emphasis on diversity. Particularly the UK, which is ranked sixth in the EU on the Gender Equality Index, has long been an outspoken advocate of this. 

That being said, if you want to host an event in the UK soon, don’t forget to include a female motivational speaker on your panel. Here are some reasons why:

Benefits of Hiring a Top Female Speaker

  • Has Diverse Views and Understanding

A broader spectrum of audience members can relate to the distinct viewpoints and insights that female speakers offer. Women’s experiences and the challenges they face are distinct from men’s and exclusive to them. These varied viewpoints may enrich the discussion and boost the value of your event for a variety of attendees. 

  • Proves Your Dedication to Promoting Diversity

By including female speakers on your panel, you’re also making a strong statement about how important it is for women to be represented in society. This might demonstrate your organisation’s dedication to promoting inclusion and diversity. When there are a lot of females in your audience, especially young women, it is particularly important for there to be female speakers who serve as role models for them. 

  • Empowers and Inspires the Audience

Through their personal experiences, female speakers can also uplift and encourage their audience. For instance, Elle Macpherson in the UK has demonstrated success in the past.

Beyond her career as a supermodel, Macpherson has evolved into a well-known businesswoman, wellness expert, and inspirational speaker who has given back to the community via her platform. She gives others the courage to prioritise their own development and well-being so they feel good about who they are.

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Hire a Top Female Motivational Speaker in UK

If you want to hire top female speakers like Elle Macpherson for your next event in the UK, here’s how you should go about doing it:

  • Understand Your Audience & Event Goals

Consider who your target audience would be and what you want to achieve from your event before you start searching for a female speaker. Who do you intend to invite to your event and what do you hope to obtain as a result of organising such an event?

Knowing the demographics, interests and preferences of the audience is essential when selecting female speakers that will be talking to and conversing with them. Having an understanding of precisely what you are trying to achieve at the event is also vital in helping you choose female speakers who are in line with the major goals that you are seeking to achieve.

  • Research & Identify Potential Speakers

When you know your event goals and your target audience, you’ll be able to get an idea of the female speakers you need to look for. Online platforms, professional networks, and speaker agencies are great places to generate a comprehensive directory of applicants. Choose speakers who have experience in the topic area of your event, and a history of speeches which are both powerful and persuasive. For example, Elle Macpherson in UK, focuses on health, well-being and personal growth. When selecting speakers, you should also pay attention to speaking their style, expertise, and mastery of the speaker

  • Assess Speaker’s Credibility & Reputation

When determining the reliability of potential female speakers, pay close attention to their credentials and reputation. Seek feedback, comments, and testimonials from previous customers and event planners to secure endorsements. Evaluating things such as the speaker’s speeches, any publications and media attention can help you arrive at conclusions regarding the speaker’s experience and reliability. Choose highly experienced key speakers for your event to get your event acknowledged and endorsed.

  • Reach Out & Make Contact

After you have found your female speakers, the next step is to reach out to them. Develop personalised, businesslike emails or texts with the relevant information of your event and the key thought as to why the speaker can fit your event the best. Ensure that you give them all the necessary information so that they have enough time to process it and make a wise choice. Be tactful and polite with the person as it can help you to get them to agree to speak at your event. 

  • Talk About Logistics & Negotiate Conditions

Discussing logistics with likely speakers is of crucial importance when trying to negotiate with them. It is necessary to find the conditions suitable for both parties. Communicate with your female motivational speakers about all the aspects of your budget, what your goals are, and any logistical issues you might have, like accommodation etc. By addressing financial and logistical issues immediately, you can eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings, and consequently, achieve a smooth and productive working relationship.

  • Give Inclusivity & Diversity First Priority

It should be the most significant consideration when it comes to selecting female motivational speakers for your event that you make inclusivity and diversity a priority. By seeking diversity in speakers, you consider the type of experiences, perspectives, and their backgrounds, and keep intersectionality in mind. Having speakers from different backgrounds can help you organise a more wholesome and enriching event. To emphasise the worth of diverse representation, mention its advantages while promoting the event. 

  • Offer Resources & Support 

Once you have found your female speakers, it is vital to provide them with all the tools and resources they may need to give an expert talk. Support them by providing any technical help and equipment they may need, guide them concerning the presentation format and content, and make sure they feel acknowledged. Supporting your speakers with proper assistance will make them feel confident and will be a great contribution to the success of your event.

  • Follow Up & Get Input 

After the event, make some efforts to reach out to the women who spoke thank them and seek their feedback on the event. Give them some sort of encouragement and thanks for their active participation and ask them about what they think about their experience. What exactly were the strengths and what should be the identifiable weaknesses for future events? It is the responsibility of the organisers to develop an ongoing process of improvement of the hiring of female speakers and the quality of their events based on this feedback.

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Creating a Blueprint for Diversity & Inclusivity: The Importance of Female Speakers in UK Events

Ultimately, having a top female speaker at your upcoming event in the UK is a great way of setting the table for diversity, inclusivity and representation. By familiarising yourself with your audience, selecting the most suitable speakers, and prioritising inclusiveness, you can organise a more deliberate and productive event for your attendees. Make sure that your speakers receive proper support and resources and find the time to take their feedback to ensure continuous improvement. Having consideration while planning thoroughly matters when it comes to hiring female speakers who motivate, educate, and empower your audience.

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