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National Awards | Women of Influence Finalist – Shivvy Jervis

23rd May 2024

World-leading Indian Futurist Shivvy Jervis Voted a Women of Influence Finalist at National Awards 

Kruger Cowne are thrilled to announce that our talent Shivvy Jervis has been recognised as ‘one of Britain’s women pushing boundaries and breaking barriers to show the world what women of colour are capable of’. Shivvy is a finalist by public vote at the first-ever British Asian Women’s Awards powered by Oceanic Consulting.

These awards look to offer a platform to award and recognise the hard work, grit and determination of the women who are the driving force behind their industries and businesses.

As generational changes occur, we are seeing an increase in Asian women excelling in business

A Spokesperson for the first-ever British Asian Women’s Awards 2024 said: “We are looking forward to once again showcasing the strength of the women of the British Asian community.

These women are not only making great strides in their respective fields but are serving as inspiration for future generations.

We are excited to recognise those who are pushing boundaries and showing the world that there is no limit to the things that women can achieve. We want to congratulate all of our finalists and wish them the best of luck.”



Further Reading on Shivvy Jervis

In the realm of technology, innovation, and leadership, a few luminaries shine as brightly as Shivvy Jervis.

Solidified by a renowned talent management agency, Kruger Cowne, her journey as a speaker and influencer is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing what women, particularly those of British-Asian descent, are achieving in these dynamic sectors. Jervis’ recent accolade as a Women of Influence finalist at the National Awards narrates a compelling tale of her impactful contributions and the recognition of her efforts in pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.

This distinction not only highlights her prowess as a speaker but also underscores the vital role of public speaking and keynote agencies in amplifying influential voices.

Through the support of a speaker agency in the UK and the broader influencer talent management agency ecosystem, Jervis embodies the power of inspiration, leading by example for aspiring role models, and catalysing change within the community and beyond.

Shivvy Jervis’ Background and Achievements

Early Career

Shivvy Jervis embarked on her professional journey in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, where she initially pursued a career in technology broadcasting. Her early ambition led her to accumulate hundreds of hours of broadcasting for notable networks such as CNN Asia, Reuters, and the Discovery Channel, thereby unlocking access to ‘tech-for-good’ advances for millions.

Eight years into her career, Jervis was headhunted by the world’s third-largest telecommunications company to oversee their digital content, akin to managing a newsroom. This role enabled her to create impactful video series such as ‘Digital Futures’ and ‘The Trailblazers’.

Major Milestones

In 2017, fueled by a desire to innovate independently, Jervis founded FutureScape 248, a forecasting lab and advisory firm. Her venture witnessed triple growth and led her to be invited by over 85 organisations to provide video insights, reports, and headline keynotes at sold-out events.

Jervis’ contributions to the field have been recognised on numerous stages globally. Her work in producing the Next Wave of Learning 2020-2025 report for the Mayor of London further exemplifies her dedication to fostering innovation.

Recognition and Awards

Jervis has been honored with several prestigious awards for her groundbreaking work. She has been named a Champion of Change, a testament to her influence in driving positive societal shifts. Her recognition as one of Britain’s Women of the Year highlights her role as a leading figure in innovation.

Furthermore, Jervis has received the Asian Woman of Achievement Award and has been acknowledged as a Positive Impact Award nominee, underscoring her significant contributions to the technology and innovation sectors. These accolades celebrate her as a trailblazer and a role model, particularly for women of color in technology and business.

Shivvy Jervis | World-Leading Indian Futurist

Role and Contributions

Shivvy Jervis, celebrated as a world-leading Indian Futurist, has been instrumental in making the complex digital world accessible and understandable to thousands. Her work involves finding and demystifying the latest breakthroughs in the digital realm, from augmented reality to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

She emphasises the human aspect in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, advocating for the inclusion of people in the AI equation and showcasing how digital tools can significantly enhance our lives. Jervis’ journey from Bangalore to becoming one of the few Asian, female voices in the global tech space underscores her pivotal role in ‘humanising’ innovation.

Innovations and Initiatives

Jervis’ initiatives, such as FutureScape 248, highlight her forward-thinking approach, projecting significant impacts of digital technologies on our work and life without resorting to jargon or wild claims. She has successfully demystified complex topics like behavioural psychology in the context of technology, offering insights on how to thrive in the future.

Beyond her advisory role, Jervis has engaged with a wide audience through her broadcasting roots, hosting documentaries and live debates, thus bringing the future of digital and science to the mainstream. Her efforts to bridge the digital divide and make groundbreaking innovations accessible reflect her commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good.


As we reflect on Shivvy Jervis’s prolific career and her impactful journey from Bangalore to the global stage, it’s clear that her influence extends far beyond her accolades. By championing the cause of women of color in technology and business, Jervis has paved the way for future generations, embodying the spirit of innovation and resilience.

Her recognition at the British Asian Women’s Awards is not just a testament to her accomplishments but also to the growing influence of Asian women in leading industries worldwide. To continue following her journey and for opportunities to hear her insights firsthand, book Shivvy Jervis at Kruger Cowne today. Her story is a compelling reminder of the power of breaking boundaries and the importance of giving voice to diversity in all sectors, inspiring us all to aim for greater heights in our endeavours.

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