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It’s time to talk about Mental Health

21st February 2024

With Mental Health Awareness Month around the corner, in May, we thought we’d introduce (and reintroduce, in some cases) you to some of the wonderful individuals we work with.

These are people with a real passion for, and expertise in, wellness and mental health – people who will elevate any WMHAD event you’re organising. They are available for virtual events, Q&A, panel discussions and workshops, as well as regular events that are taking place later in the year.

Petra Velzeboer

Petra Velzeboer Mental Health Speaker Conference

Petra is a renowned mental health expert, TedX speaker and CEO of mental health consultancy, PVL. Petra was born and raised in the infamous Children of God cult, conditioned to believe that she was being groomed to save the world. Having escaped that world, she now talks to audiences about her ultimate rock bottom, her battle with mental illness including addiction and depression, and her subsequent transformation, which led to her founding a flourishing mental health business.  As she tells her story, Petra also provides practically applicable advice for her audiences. Her interactive, open approach to assessing and improving the mental health of the companies she works with is highly impactful and helps to create real, positive change.

Payzee Mahmod

Payzee Mahmod | Kruger Cowne

As a child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation survivor, Payzee Mahmod openly shares her mental health challenges with courage and resilience. She embraces vulnerability and talks about how she’s transcended adversities, the importance of prioritising self-care and fostering a community of support. Her impact on the mental health space mirrors her commitment to de-stigmatise conversations around emotional well-being in affected communities like hers.

By openly sharing her experiences, Payzee hopes to empower those who may feel unheard, emphasising the significance of seeking help and self-compassion. In her advocacy, she amplifies the importance of embracing one’s story, cultivating a culture that promotes mental well-being and talking openly about challenges we face without feeling shame.

Payzee Mahmod aspires to be a catalyst for change, inspiring others to embark on their unique journeys towards mental wellness.

Will Young

Will young - live entertainment from Kruger Cowne

Successful musician and the winner of Pop Idol UK in 2002 – Will has had a career glittered with musical accomplishments. Having faced his own personal battles with mental health problems, he is passionate about raising awareness of the issues within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Oritsé Williams

Oritsé Williams is the founding member of JLS, one of the UK’s most successful music groups of all time. After a tumultuous few years, today, Oritsé uses his success as a musician to raise awareness about Mental Health and to support Young Carers. Oritsé was proud to receive the ‘M.S. Inspiration of the Year’ award.

Fatima Bhutto

Terrible events have dominated the life of Fatima Bhutto, a member of the turbulent Pakistani political dynasty. Even though she is aware of the realities of her endangered life, she pursues her flourishing international career as a writer, poet and columnist. She has recently spoke to women at Conde Nast about dealing with anxiety, which she have had all her life. Finding it a much needed and powerful experience, Fatima is ready to share her experiences and help people address their Mental Health difficulties.

Poppy Jamie

At 19 years of age, while still studying at the London School of Economics, Poppy became the youngest entertainment presenter at the UK’s largest news organisation, ITN. At 26 she founded Happy Not Perfect (HNP), a mental wellbeing start-up application and corresponding product line and was later announced as one of Forbes “30 under 30”. She also runs a chart-topping podcast and has just released her first book. Poppy has created a mental health empire and shares her experiences with audiences worldwide.

Let’s talk now and work together to create some inspiring and engaging activities around this Mental Health Awareness Month.

It’s proven that employers who actively take measures to aid their employees with preventative and supportive mental health strategies see results, in healthier staff, staff retention and ultimately higher productivity.

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