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Kruger Cowne New Talent: May 2021

10th May 2021

The Kruger Cowne roster is constantly expanding, and we wanted to update you on our latest amazing talent. These incredible new names will bring the energy, expertise and experience needed for your event, company or brand.



Poppy Jamie
Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing Speaker

Poppy Jamie is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, podcast hosts and speakers in the mental wellbeing and mindfulness space, on a mission to democratise conversation and tools for emotional and mental health. Poppy is the founder of the award winning Happy Not Perfect mindset app, host of the chart topping Not Perfect podcast and author of Happy Not Perfect: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts and Free Yourself From Anxiety.

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Dr. Mireya Mayor
Primatologist, Explorer, TV Host, Author

Dr. Mireya Mayor, a Fulbright Scholar, NSF Fellow and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, is not your typical scientist. For more than a decade Mayor has been a wildlife correspondent, reporting on wildlife and habitat loss while advocating for solutions to the alarming trends. Mayor has been hailed as a “female Indiana Jones” in the media and is an inspiration to young women interested in science and exploration. She is also the star on Travel Channel’s hit series “Expedition Bigfoot”. Mayor has recently joined Florida International University as Director of Exploration and Science Communications Initiative.

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Gwen Lynn
Founder of In A Green Minute, Environmental Safety Scientist

Gwen Lynn is an Environmental Safety Scientist and Founder of In A Green Minute (IAGM) Consultants, having a BS, Rutgers University, MS, City University of New York, both in the same science discipline.

In A Green Minute produces a podcast and creates 60 second media videos and content for environmental progressiveness and green emerging technology. The media content is geared to appeal to both science and non-science demographic and is delivered in a concise and understandable manner.

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Lord Ian Botham
England’s Greatest Cricket All-rounder, Entrepreneur

Ian Botham is a retired international cricketer who is regarded as one of the world’s greatest ever all-rounders. Botham uses his expertise and knowledge of the sport to captivate viewers across the world. Also a cricket raconteur, Botham possesses wonderful presenting skills and can inspire audiences for any type of event or occasion. Ian now spends most of his time working on a range of his own wines called Botham Wines.

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Nikki Greenberg
Real Estate Futurist & Industry Trends Presenter

Nikki Greenberg is world’s top real estate futurist and most sought-after industry trends presenter. Through her high energy keynotes she explores the convergence of real space and cyber space. She is determined to not only inspire her audiences on the possibilities of emerging technologies and innovative ways of thinking, but provide insights on ways to capitalise upon it. In short, Nikki directs companies on what to do today to deliver on the needs of tomorrow.

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Gerd Leonhard
Futurist & Humanist, Author, CEO of The Futures Agency

Over the past two decades, Gerd Leonhard has risen to one of the top 10 futurist keynote speakers worldwide. With over 2,000 engagements in 60+ countries since 2004, and a combined audience of over 2.5 million people, Gerd has been listed by Wired magazine as one of the Top 100 Most-Influential People in Europe, and as ‘one of the leading media futurists in the World’ by The Wall Street Journal. Gerd focuses on the future of humanity and technology, digital ethics, artificial intelligence, future-leadership and foresights.

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