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Krish Thapa

SAS Mountaineer & Spiritual guide | Integrating Ancient Wisdom & Philosophy into Modern Leadership & Lives

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Krish Thapa

Krishna Thapa, the Warrior Monk, is an ex-SAS member, distinguished mountaineer with a global reputation, currently holding nine world-first world records in the field of mountaineering, and a spiritual guide who seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom and philosophy into modern leadership and life. He holds the distinction of being one of two Gurkhas from the Royal Gurkha Rifles to successfully pass selection into the British Special Forces, where he served as the head of the Mountain Troops. Having faced numerous challenging situations on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, Krishna has demonstrated exceptional leadership and skill. His leadership shines through in challenging situations, such as leading the largest summit group up Everest and being the first serving Warrant Officer to conquer both Mt Everest and K2.

His achievements include skiing expeditions from the summits of Dhaulagiri and other 8000-meter peaks. He’s also dedicated to guiding individuals with various challenges, including amputees, the visually impaired, Parkinson’s disease sufferers, and PTSD veterans.

With a proven track record of guiding expeditions across Africa, Europe, and the Himalayas, Krishna exemplifies professionalism and a commitment to empowering others in mountaineering and adventure. As a meditation guide, mountaineer, and motivational speaker, he brings expertise derived from Eastern Philosophy to enrich the human mind and body, promoting holistic well-being and personal growth.

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