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Marie Outtier

Co-Founder of Aiden and Tech Investor

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Marie Outtier

After working for 8 years as an employee Marie started an Artificial Intelligence startup as a non-technical founder and a first-time founder. It was the early days of recommender systems relying on machine learning and natural language processing (pre Chat GPT days.)

She led the company as CEO, built the product with her technical cofounder, and raised over $2m in funding to fuel its expansion worldwide. Three years later, Twitter acquired the software Aiden.ai’s team had developed to turn around their lack of market share with small and medium businesses. Marie integrated Twitter as a senior Product leader and developed products there for three years, experiencing the radical change of culture during the takeover by Elon Musk.

Marie is passionate about changing the landscape of investors (only 9% have operational experience in Europe VS 60% in the US) and invested in over 25 startups in Europe and the US where she supports and advises innovative founders who are building the future with tech. Experience the lack of diversity as an entrepreneur (Marie only had a single female investor out of 13 investors on her capable) she is public about supporting female founders. 56% of her portfolio includes at least one female founder (VS 12% for European VCs).

Marie has lacked role models as a female non-technical founder of a deeply technical company. She is on a mission to provide radically candid insights into how she did it in such a short time, to inspire ambitious women to follow suit.

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