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Mark Cowne

CEO Kruger Cowne

Mark is the co-founder of the company which he and Gina started more than 20 years ago. In that period, it has grown from just one speaker, focussing on the UK, to a multi-national business today operating in over 110 countries, representing hundreds of hugely talented people exclusively (plus an address book of many thousand more).

With a background of over 30 years in the advertising and communications sector, Mark has an in-depth understanding of working to customer briefs and delivering ‘on-brand’ and on-budget solutions that provide synergistic support to any event or branding mission. Having worked on both client and agency sides he has great empathy with a customer’s needs.

In addition to his responsibilities to the running of the business, Mark manages a select portfolio of talent on a daily basis whom he refers to as his “iconosphere”.

When not working, or travelling with his talent (or catching up on office duties), you will find Mark photographing wild animals in some remote part of the world (either on land or under water) or enjoying his motor racing activities at track somewhere.

Whilst Mark has founded a number of businesses throughout his life he says that he is most proud of Kruger Cowne. Even after all of these years he still enjoys working closely with Gina and the close relationships he has developed with both his talent and customers. He is passionate about the industry and committed to making a success one every event he becomes involved in.

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