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Professor Tim Spector

British Epidemiologist and Medical Doctor

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Professor Tim Spector

Professor Tim Spector OBE is a distinguished figure renowned for his contributions to the fields of genetics, epidemiology, and personalised medicine. As a professor of genetic epidemiology at Kings College London, he has established himself as a leading authority in these domains.

As the founding director of the TwinsUK Registry at the university, Professor Spector has played a crucial role in advancing our understanding of genetics and health. He has also contributed significantly to international twin studies organisations, including the International Society of Twin Studies and the European Twin Registry Consortium.

Professor Spector’s work is highly regarded, with over 1,000 articles published in esteemed scientific journals, placing him among the top 1% of the world’s most cited scientists. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Professor Spector is an author with five books to his name, including popular titles like “Spoon-Fed” and “The Diet Myth.” His most recent work, “Food for Life,” has been well-received.

He co-founded ZOE, a personalised nutrition company, and leads the ZOE health study, which is one of the largest citizen science health projects globally. In recognition of his efforts in the fight against Covid-19, Professor Spector was awarded an OBE in 2020.

Outside of academia, he shares his expertise as a keynote speaker and has delivered talks for various organisations, including Google Zeitgeist, TradeTech Europe, M&S, and Network Rail. He has also made appearances on television programs such as ITV’s “This Morning” and “Good Morning Britain,” as well as the BBC Two series “Great British Menu.”

Professor Tim Spector OBE’s work continues to shape our understanding of genetics and health while promoting better well-being for all.

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